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Monthly Archives: December 2009

hand-carved eraser stamp

For my first creative endeavour of the year, I thought I’d complete one of GPP Street Team Crusades. This one involves carving your own stamp.

Nothing too elaborate for my first attempt – just a heart on an eraser (note: I just remembered that I’ve carved a linoleum plate back in high school… wonder whether it’s still lying around somewhere… will have to look for it). For once I refrained from going out and buying all the tools and supplies required for printmaking (like I did with art journaling, *cough* *cough*) and found stuff in around the apartment instead.

There was some head scratching when deciding what pattern I would carve. The design would need to fit on the stamp and need to be something that I’d actually use. The heart was chosen in the end, because I really love the heart stamp designs I’ve seen.

Now come the carving; it was both easier and harder than I thought it would be. Using the blade I had from my metal clay endeavour (should post up pictures of the ring I made) I carved a rough heart out of the eraser. That was the easy part. The hard part came from actually trying to make the sides smooth. The eraser was soft, meaning the eraser depresses and bends when I put the knife on it. This makes it very easy to over-cut, and you can see evidence of this in the nicks along the edge of the heart. I guess the slight roughness makes it look more personal.

The softness of the eraser means that I couldn’t do more intricate designs within the heart – I guess I’ll just need to find a harder eraser next time… or buy printmaking supplies ;P

Regardless, the stamp came out pretty good. When I use normal felt-tip pens to ink the stamp I ended up with a slightly textured image.

I would hope to use it in one of my pages soon.

Hey hey,

serendipity • art • journaling is a record of my baby steps into the world of art journaling.

To ensure that I actually use all the art supplies I’ve brought, I’ve signed myself up for “Creative Every Day 2010“. (Talk about jumping into the deep end of the pool without first learning to swim!)

Creative Every Day is not just about art journaling, it could be anything creative. This is a relief since I don’t think I can create a page every day. As such, entries should be interspersed with updates on my other projects, such as my writing, crocheting, cross-stitching, metal-clay jewelry and anything else that takes my fancy.

So let’s see where this winding yellow brick road will take us, shall we?


stamps… stamps…

As if I haven’t spent enough on journaling tools, I then find these gorgeous stamps on Invoke Arts.

This of course resulted in googling rubber stamps, reading up on mounted and unmounted stamps, cling stamps, acrylic blocks etc.

And the following links are the result of my initial searches…

art journaling magazine

I was reading JournalGirl’s blog and saw that she was published in the winter edition of Art Journaling magazine. So I went to buy the latest online winter edition from the web.

Flipping it, I realise that I couldn’t find the article by JournalGirl… when double checking JournalGirl’s blog I find that I bought the wrong one… it was the Winter 2010 edition, not the Winter 2009 edition that I needed to buy. According to the Stampington website the Winter 2009 is the latest edition, but apparently the one that will be released in January 2010 is also called the Winter edition. Are you confused? I know I am. XD

However, regardless of the edition the magazine is a still good resource for other art journaling artists, their styles and the tools they use. I’d prefer getting the printed copy since I still like flipping physical pages than scrolling digital books/magazine, but shipping is costly and time-consuming, and printed material is not environmentally friendly.

That’s my only gripe about art journaling – it’s not entirely environmentally friendly. Art journaling uses a lot of paper and chemicals and I wonder at the justification for the “waste” (for a lack of better word). This is an issue I struggle with for each page I paint on.

Does any other art journalists have the same issue?

too many hobbies?

Although it may be true, I’m still going to give this a try.

My interest in art journaling began when I saw Diana Trout’s Journal Spilling on book depository. I’ve never heard of art journaling before; I’ve seen movies/tv shows where you have the occasional goth with a highly decorated notebook, but I didn’t realise it was an established art-form with an extensive community.

From there I began googling art journaling, and found Samatha Kira’s (aka JournalGirl) YouTube videos and then her blog.

After this, it was a jumble of blog entries, jumping from one artist to another, one “how to” tutorial to another. For my own reference, I’ve put up a list of links that I’ve found (as a starter).

Most of the stuff like colour pencils, felt-tip colour pens, blank journal I had lying around the apartment, so that was fine I still had to buy some supplies; gesso, watercolour pastels, acrylic paint, brushes, ink, gel medium, tape glue and PITT artist pen. It was not cheap… (though still cheaper than what I spent on my photography gear…)

Hopefully I’ll be able to post something up soon.

(edit: Actually I found something I was working on a couple of days back, so pasted that at the top of the article) I was interested in the 365 challenge or the Creative Every Day Challenge, but I take so long with each page, I might not be able to make something each day. However then I saw that each page is dedicated to about a month, with individual squares marked out that you fill in for each day. Perhaps I should do something like that.

The links I started off with in my googling/web-jumping.

How To’s: