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Monthly Archives: May 2010


Last entry I posted pages made whilst doing the Layer Love lessons. The following pages were my attempts at doing layers before I joined the class.

These pictures were taken quite a while ago, but there was a period of time when I really loved doing brayered backgrounds. I found that the brayered paint quickly builds layers without muddying the colours.

As the acrylic paint builds up on the brayer (I don’t wash them as I should) it creates texture on the brayer which results in interesting patterns.

layer love

Julie Pritchard is closing new application for her “Layer Love” class soon and like many people, I’ve rushed to sign up for this highly popular course.

Here is my attempt at her second lesson (I didn’t try the first lesson because the style just didn’t resonate with me):

I really like the dark, deep-sea grotto look about the page. It seems to work as a painting in itself, but I might end up putting word in it at a later date.

Below is just my attempt at using similar techniques as above but less dark – I was thinking of making a more journal-able page, but I still ended up with a page with no room for words.

So with my third attempt I didn’t even try to leave room for words, I just did a painting – who says you can’t put paintings in your art journal?

In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious, I really like the colour blue. Especially Golden’s Turquoise (Phtalo).

I did try to use a different colour, but I couldn’t seem to duplicate the effect.

Oh, one last thing before I sign off on this entry; if anyone has a completed layer love page, with journaling, I would love to see it. Please leave a comment with a link to the picture. I would love to see how other people incorporated words into the pages; the way Julie teaches it, each page seems to be a standalone piece of work.

EDM – everyday matters

I recently got introduced to the EDM challenge; a list of daily sketch prompts, most of them just everyday items that you see lying around the house.

I got the above link from borromini bear’s photostream on flickr. She’s doing an Every Day May project, where she selected the first 31 prompts in the EDM challenge list to be completed once per day. Quite a few people have joined in on the exercise and you can take part too; just send a PM to borromini bear’s flickr account to get added to her list of participants.

Although the subject matter can seem inane, EDM sketches can still result in very pretty pages if you put enough effort into it. Borromini bear’s sketches were so pretty, it inspired me to try a few EDM sketches too (no, I’m not going to do the Every Day May project – I know I have trouble sticking to any “XXX per day” projects).

But before I put pencil to paper, the EDM challenge sparked the nerd bug within me. On the right hand column of this page, you would see a small box titled “Everyday Matters – Sketch Prompt”. This box would randomly display one of 274 EDM challenges on the list (I will try to update it as Karen Winters adds more to the list), perhaps you would like to try drawing whatever is suggested there right now?

10kH project

I can’t even remember who gave me what link which then took me to another link, to another link etc.

However, I ended up on Elizabeth/Eliza/Elli Metz’s blog, Junebug on a string (please see her “About Me” section about her name). Although her entries were kind of on the lengthy side (only if you try reading through the whole archive in a night… while reading xkcd for the first time and fiddling with the Daily Tracker iPhone app – in my defense, they were all suggestions on the Junebug blog), I found her blog entries interesting – especially the geeky bits with the productivity iPhone apps.

Anyway… I also read about her year-long project, 10kH, otherwise known as Ten Thousand Hours. It was hypothesised by Malcolm Gladwell that it takes ten thousand hours of focused study and action to master anything on a world-class level. So she’s going to embark upon a one-design-a-day/scent-a-day project for a year in the hopes of taking chunk out of the ten thousand hours.

I don’t know if I can be that brave.

However, I am very interested in the thought of recording all the hours that I put into a project. I agree with a recent article I’ve read; with the increase in social websites like Facebook and Twitter, people are looking for more information to share.

“People got used to sharing… The more they want to share, the more they want to have something to share.” Personal data are ideally suited to a social life of sharing. You might not always have something to say, but you always have a number to report. [link]