In fact, I’ve been in Melbourne for the past month already. However my computer only just arrived today and I’ve only just set everything up.

It was a weird sensation, being back at my parent’s house. All my high school and Uni stuff were still lying around as if none of the past six years happened. I was hit by a huge bout of nostalgia, which for me, can lead to depression. So I busied myself with rearranging my whole room and going out with friends while I waited for my boxes to arrive from Hong Kong. As my more recent possessions started to trickle in the mail, I started feeling more grounded, as if those books and art supplies acted as some kind of psychological tether.

I was especially happy when my art supplies arrived. I had rearranged the furniture in my room to fit another table, so now I have a dedicated workspace, with an even bigger desk than when I was in Hong Kong (which isn’t hard when I think I about it).

I haven’t been doing much art journaling in the past few months (although I have been doing a bit of photography) – it’s what happens when all the art stuff is packed away – but this new set up has totally got me itching to paint and doodle again.

I’ve also resumed a convo book again, which I’ll talk about next time.