Yes, within three months of my first Filofax (well two, considering I received my Filofax FR package nearly a month ago), I have gotten myself a second one.

Awhile back, I read this entry and thought to myself, “I want a Baroque Personal Filofax!”

I was going to write a series of entries about pros and cons of buying another Filofax, whether I would find a use for it, whether I would neglect my A5 Finsbury… But somehow along the way… before I even got one word written, I managed to get my SO to buy it for me for my birthday (and yes, my birthday is not for another two months).


Looks pretty plain from the outside

Now what was my original justification for purchasing another Filofax?

Well, I wasn’t planning on using it as my personal Filofax, I had my Finsbury for that – and I wanted to keep my work and my personal life in one Filofax.

No, I wanted to use the Baroque to help plan my trip to Europe later this year. A month-long vacation can go very badly if it’s not organised properly, and who would want to carry an A5 Filofax across Europe?


But the detail on the inside…

Also, I saw these really interesting Travel Journal inserts from Filofax UK (available in either Personal or Pocket size only), and I just had to try them! (Yes, you can see which is the prominent reason for getting the Filofax…)

So… an order was placed on Filofax UK and Filofax FR and the waiting game commenced. I received the Baroque in 7 days, the Travel Journal Pack in 2 weeks.

Btw, did you know that Filofax FR provides tracking IDs and Filofax UK don’t? Considering how most inserts in the FR site are multi-lingual and Euro is cheaper than GBP, I may just source my future Filo products from France…


I’m not going to do a play by play of the individual parts of the Baroque, not because I don’t love my Filo to bits, but because I don’t think I could do a better job than Lime Tree. Her entry has a lot of pretty pictures, and I highly recommend going to her blog to drool over the Baroque.

The moment I laid my hands on the Baroque and felt just how soft the leather was, I fell in love. Out flew all my plans of using this Filo just for the Europe trip, I want the Baroque with me all the time.

Before I knew it, I had copied all my personal appointments from my A5 Finsbury into the Baroque and had created a miniturised GTD system for my personal life to go in it as well.

The smaller page sizes doesn’t inspire me to write pages and pages of journal entries as the A5 does, but it’s not too bad. I’m even considering leaving the A5 at the office, since I don’t have to worry about leaving personal details at work, but then I feel guilty for kind of abandoning the Finsbury so quickly.

For those of you with more than one Filofaxes (I’m beginning to feel that there’s no Filofax owners out there who only has one Filofax), how do you assuage your guilt for turning to a new love?