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Monthly Archives: May 2013

project life: week 19 – trying out smaller photos

This week I tried something different. Instead of printing out 4×6 photos, I decided to print smaller photos, nothing larger than 3×4.

This gave me a little bit more room to play with paper, in this case, the Maggie Holmes’ Crate Paper Collection. I love the 6×6 paper pad that came in Citrus Twist’s April PL Kit.

Each of the 4×6 pockets then became mini layouts in themselves – although I tried to keep the embellishment to a minimum.

I don’t really know what to do with ribbon, so I asked on 2Peas and I was given multitudes of suggestions. The above picture was one suggestion.

If I had a sewing machine, I would sew right down the middle of it…

This was also the week I discovered geocaching, so there’s plenty of photos of the caches I found during the week.

A little sparse on the words today, but I tried to take more photos to make up for it.

Today I’m linking up with The Mom Creative’s Project Life Tuesday. Click on the link for more PL inspiration.

project life: week 18 – revisiting NSD

Week 18 is the week of the National Scrapbooking Day, a day in which I actually talked about in length here. So please bear with me for the repeated photos.

My left hand page is mainly talking about NSD and scrapbooking related news…

Like how my April Project Life kit from Citrus Twist has arrived. I just love the colours in this month’s kit – and I’ve been wanting to get my hands on the Maggie Holmes paper for sooo long!

And my haul from the Better Homes and Garden expo. All that American Crafts paper… I’ve been wanting them for longer than I wanted the Maggie Homes collection. The paper trimmer is new too, I’m really loving that wire cutting guide!

In the corner of that photo you can see a snippet of the layout I talked about here.

Then there were the photos from the expo itself.

I also immediately used Amy Tangerine’s embroidery stencil kit for the week’s title card. It was quite a lot of fun to use.

I didn’t buy the stencil kit with the letters though, so I had to just puncture my own holes for the words “WK 18”.

One problem with joining kit clubs from America is that by the time the kit arrives, some of the products aren’t relevant anymore (I’m not even mentioning the whole Spring/Autumn differences here).

Take the card above for instance. By the time the April kit arrived, May has officially started. Unless I was woefully behind in my Project Life, the card was pretty much useless.

The same thing happened with my March kit, and that March card is still sitting in the box wondering what it’s fate would be.

For April I decided to get a little creative, and just changed the message on the card a little instead of throwing it out.

Perhaps kit clubs could consider sending products with next month’s date on them instead?

The right hand page is a completely different colour scheme. I realised that all my photos were so dark that all the bright pinks and yellows from the left hand page didn’t really match. So apart from a little bit of embellishment from the Amy Tangerine stash I purchased, I had turned back to the March Project Life Kit from Citrus Twist.

I guess at this point I really should explain that picture with the half naked man in the top left pocket. The whole right hand page is actually all photos revolving around my best friend’s birthday. However she had two parties, one was a general one (where most of the photos came from) and one was a girl’s only night – where the naked man came in.

Her explanation was that she was going to a maid of honor later this year and she was using her birthday as an excuse to check out a possible hens night venue. Hahaha, regardless, it was an entertaining night overall.

This was on the card talking about the girl’s only party – I thought it was appropriate ;P

As per usual, I’ll be linking to The Mom Creative’s Project Life Tuesday (yes, I know, I’m really late).

layout: Hokkaido

I really love this photo that we took together last year at the Shiroi Koibito (White Lover) Park. The working factory-slash-theme-park makes these amazing white chocolate cookies and in the photo we were trying out their white chocolate ice cream. As you can see from the photo, one of us couldn’t wait for the photo and had already taken a bite out of their ice cream (and no, it wasn’t me).

I was originally going to journal about the trip to the factory when I realised the page would work better as the cover page for the entire Hokkaido trip. So instead I listed out all the major places we stayed at and the highlights along the trip.

I stamped the date on the cluster of embellishments at the bottom of the page – it was a fairly short trip, a small extension to a three week trip to Europe and Hong Kong.

I used a mix of new and old paper to make this page. The background paper came from a stash of paper I had from when I was doing art journaling and I didn’t have the name of the manufacturer written down. The pink strips of paper with the flowers and the distressing is from a discontinued line by Basic Grey called Blush and I believe the paper was called Fancy.

The rest was from Teresa Collins’ She Said collection.

For the title I used the same Poolside thickers that I used in my March PL page  and again I have to mention that I just love the colour but hate how photographs just don’t do it justice!

As of yesterday, I have finally sorted through and rated all my photos from my Europe trip (from 6 months ago). I still have my Hokkaido trip photos to go through, but now I can start cranking out some Europe trip layouts. Yay!

project life: week 17

Another one pager for week 17, and a fairly simple layout (kind of reflects the new blog background – entirely coincidental, I assure you). Not much to say with regards to the papers used apart from the fact that they were from the Midnight Core digital edition.

All the cards in the photo are crooked because I took them out of their pockets to take this photo. I just wasn’t able to take a photo without glare.

I watched two movies that I’ve been looking forward to for a while, Iron Man 3 and Warm Bodies. Robert Downey Jr was as enjoyable to watch as always, though the bad guy was a little less than impressive. Warm Bodies was surprisingly sweet and definitely worth watching. I’m a little tempted to buy the DVD when it comes out.

The photo in the top right pocket is of my best friend. I’d sent her a Postagram and she whatsapp‘ed me a photo of her receiving it.

I think even in this digital age, we still get a lot of joy at receiving something tangible in the mail. If you haven’t heard of or tried Postagram yet, I really recommend that you give it a go. Next time, instead of sending out an Instagram, try mailing it to a friend or family member as a Postagram.

Just had to take a picture of the best cookie and cream ice cream ever! I was so close to eating the whole tub by myself.

This is a pretty blurry shot, but I had to include it. Once the weather gets cold and the heater is brought out, my cat would be found glued right next to it. Sometimes she sits with her face between the grills. I sometimes think I can smell singed hair.

I have to remember to take a better shot of that next time. With Winter coming, there would be plenty of chances for that.

ANZAC day was also this week. We didn’t do much, but I took a picture of a paper poppy I made from a printable found here.

A fairly simple layout means a fairly simple entry. Just a note before signing off; as per usual, I’m linking to the Mom Creative’s Project Life Tuesday.

scrapbooking in pink

I am not usually a pink person. I don’t have a pink bedroom, I don’t wear pink clothes. But for some reason when it comes to scrapbook papers, I’m finding myself drawn more and more to the pinks and aquas in the Maggie Holmes lines, and the Amy Tangerine and Dear Lizzie lines.

Last week I finally received my April Project Life Kit from Citrus Twist. I had also ordered their paper packs, so I had a few more 12×12 papers to work with as well.

Shimelle has a “Scrapbooking in Pink” challenge for NSD, and this is the layout I’m submitting.

The background paper actually had a very pretty A-side, with these frilled garlands in colours that I just adore and with enough pinks to justify the submission. But the pattern was very hard to work with, and I found the B-side to be much more forgiving. Plus, it was very pink!

This layout is about how hard it was for me to stay connect to the internet while I was on my month long trip to Europe. I was forever looking for WiFi hotspots to stay “plugged in”. My friend was both amused and exasperated by my internet addition and took this photo of me during one of our lunch breaks. It was one of those rare places that had free WiFi and I was frantically getting my internet fix.


I had these triangular pennants from the Teresa Collins’ She Said Collection that I just didn’t know what to do with. But while I was playing with them, I realised that I could use them to make this WiFi logo. It was just one of those ah-ha moments.


Most of the strips are actually from the logo strips at the bottom of full sized pages. I always love the patterns on them and find that it was a waste to just throw them out. Sometimes if you look at the logo strip of another piece of paper from the same collection, you’d usually find something that would match what you’re currently working on.

Whenever I create my layouts, whether Project Life or traditional, I usually use whatever’s on hand or in my room. This time I created the layout first and realised I didn’t have any alphas that I liked. So I went to my LSS with a general idea of what I wanted and bought the alphas above (the pink were AC’s Eclair Thickers in Strawberry, and the white are AC’s Sunny Thickers in White).

Perhaps I should think about the way I shop? If I start buying items with specific projects in mind, I might end up spending less? *pfft* I still came out of that store with one additional pack of thickers and a pack of AC die cuts.

Which leads to my last point regarding this layout – and my question of the week. Now when I look back at this layout, although I really really like it, I find that it’s lacking embellishments. I have a lot of paper, but not a lot else. Perhaps I need to start buying less paper and more embellishments? Brads and buttons, or perhaps ribbons and threads?

How do you embellish your pages with just paper? Do you create those pretty paper windmills? What else could you do?

I’m a quite a newbie to scrapbooking, so any feedback regarding the layout, whether the colour choice, composition or photo positioning, would be quite appreciated! Thanks!

project life: week 16 – way to use up scraps

I apologise in advanced for the lack of photos in this post. With the hours I keep, I’m finding it harder and harder to get nice natural lighting to take layout photos. I really must look into alternatives…


This week I finally remembered to try overlaying some digital text and banners on the photos before printing them out.

I drew a banner in Photoshop and created my first brush file, which wasn’t as hard as I thought.

“Stamping” the brush file on a separate layer to the image allowed me to move the banner around until I got it positioned just where I wanted it. Then I just typed my text inside the banner. Easy.

To be honest, finding an appropriate font was the hardest part in the whole process!

I also tried something a little different this week.

Last week I adhered journaling blocks over my patterened paper to create my 3×4 cards. This week I did the opposite and cut up my patterned paper to create borders for my journaling cards.

I downloaded and printed out Becky Higgin’s free grid journaling cards. Then I just cut strips of patterned paper (around 1cm/.5inch) to adhere to the top and bottom (or sides) of the card. Corner punch the card and voila, you’re done.

I’m surprised at how much more I prefer this over last week’s method. It just looks neater somehow. And without thinking about it, I had found a way to use up my scraps!

Although I am no where near using up my March CT PL Kit (I can’t believe how much product I still have), my April kit has arrived and I’m looking forward to playing with those.

This week, I’m again joining in with the Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday (although it’s Wednesday for me), please visit her blog for other PL inspirations!

PS: I just realised I didn’t mention a single event from this week’s layout! I’ll probably write some follow up blog posts – hopefully with more close ups and better lighting!

NSD 2013 & my fangirl experience

So Saturday (US time) was the National Scrapbooking Day, or as those of us not living in the US call it, the iNSD.

My iNSD actually started on Saturday (Australia time) as I went to the Better Homes and Garden Expo – to meet Amy Tan!

I was so nervous about speaking to her but she’s super nice! I swear I gushed like the fan girl that I am, but she totally did not call me up on it.

My SO completely laughed at me and my fangirl moment, but he still waited patiently with me whilst I did the papercrafting make and take that Amy hosted.

We made a very cute card and an adorable tag.

After the class, I saw people asking Amy for her autograph. It started me looking through my bag for something that she could sign on too.


I thought I was a complete genius when I asked her to sign the piercing mat that came with Amy Tangerine’s embroidery stencil kit. I had only just bought it (I had been wanting to get that for AGES, but couldn’t find it in Australia) and had to crack it open on the spot!

But that wasn’t all for my first iNSD.

After getting home at 2am the next morning (I had a friend’s birthday drinks to go to), I remembered that there were NSD festivities and challenges going on in the 2Peas Forums. So despite my lack of sleep, I decided to join in…


Here’s part of the mess whilst I was late-night scrapping. All the items on the floor were actually stuff I bought at the Spotlight booth at the expo. Yes, it was pretty much all from the Yes, Please collection. (Okay, let me just say that I’m also a fan of the Dear Lizzie line and the Maggie Holmes x Crate Paper line – but a girl’s budget can only stretch that far… baby steps)

I participated in a recipe scrap; here is the recipe I was given:

  • 1x photo
  • 1x solid colour cardstock
  • 3x patterned paper
  • 1x ribbon, washi or twine
  • 1x mist or paint
  • 1x pen
  • letter stickers

And here are the instructions:

  1. Cut the patterned paper into the following sizes (can be smaller, but not larger)
    • 4×5
    • 12×7
    • 1 strip of 12×2 or 2 strips of 12×1
  1. Arrange and adhere the patterned paper to the cardstock
  2. Add ribbon or the washi to two places on the layout
  3. Add mist/paint
  4. Adhere the photo – you can mat the photo with any of the scraps you have from the original patterned paper
  5. Put down title and journaling
  6. Add any embellishments you see fit

And here is my resulting layout (please keep in mind that I did this spread in the hours between 4-6am):

This is the first time I’ve participated in any kind of challenge, and they don’t call it a challenge for nothing! I had no idea what I was going to do, and it was the first time I used ribbon or mists on a layout. I really liked the experience, but I’m not too keen on the page itself. I think I need to change the cardstock to something less glaring bright.

So what did you get up to during NSD? Did you participate in any of the challenges? If you did, leave me a comment with a link to your blog/gallery. I would love to see what you’ve made.

project life: week 15

Wow, week 15.

I went to two different gigs this week so half the spread is totally about that.

Again I used Citrus Twist’s March Project Life Kits for this layout, and again I’ve used the red and purples in the paper pad for the journaling cards. However the patterns were too bold to write over, so I typed out my journaling on normal white cardstock and stuck it over the top of the pattern paper.

My SO and I were out shopping at Coles late one night – we love midnight grocery runs, don’t ask me why – and as we walked by the magazine section he picked up a scrapbooking magazine he’s seen me purchase before. He waves it in front of me, “Isn’t this the one you got the other day?”

I love that he remembers little things like that.

I got him to pose with the magazine so I could take a photo.

I’ve recently been reading Crossed by Allie Condie. In the book, Ky’s mother paints with water as she didn’t have access to paints. Then the other night I see these street artists creating this painting with water on the sidewalk. Isn’t it impressive?

I finally took the leap and wrote on my photos. As you can see from the pic above, I was still getting used to the flow of the white pen on the glossy photo paper.

I think I can grow to love it.

The top two photos plus the two food photos from the LHS were from the same night when friends and I went to Lee Hom’s concert here in Melbourne.

Lee Hom is a Taiwanese singer that we were all into (back in Uni). Upon hearing (last year) that he was coming to the Down Under for the first time, we all grabbed tickets.

Of course we weren’t those hardcore fans that paid heaps of money to sit up the front. You can see from the top right photo how far from the stage we were.

The photo of us were heavily edited by my friend, Y, on her phone. The concert was on a week night and we were all so tired after work, we all had bags under our eyes. Only after some heavy iPhoneography magic were our photo Facebook-able, lol.

On Saturday, a friend’s band was playing the “finals” at the Epsy Artist Showdown in St Kilda. In case it wasn’t obvious, the band’s name is Hushfire. ;P

My friend’s actually the drummer, but I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to take photos at a gig, but the drummer is never well lit. This was the best I could do with my iPhone.