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Monthly Archives: October 2013

last words… nanowrimo

I’m barely back from my holidays and nanowrimo has started. So turning away from the piles of unopen kit club kits, I put my head down to begin my 50,000 word journey.

I do not expect to be back for the next month, if I am, you could all berate me for not writing my 1667 words for the day.

I hope to survive the month and see you all at the other end as a proud winner (emphasis on the hopefully).

layout: charming and adorable

This is another layout that I took a photo of in the car. It was a fairly cloudy day, so the photo came out darker than I wanted.

The two photos in this layout span across 13 years.

In case people get confused, these are not the same people (although I am in both). I just wanted to do a page showing the kind of changes that can happen in 13 years.

It’s also interesting to note that when you’re in Year 11, you try to dress like an adult, but 13 years later… we hold onto our youth with teeth and claw XD

This is actually quite a strange combination of colours, but I kind of like it.

layout: this is not the london bridge

Winter months in Melbourne are horrible for taking photos in natural lighting. Even with Spring in full swing, I’m still not getting enough light. So I finally ended up taking my layouts to work with me so I can snag a couple of shots during lunchtime.

This is another layout for my Europe tour last year. I really like how this layout turned out, even though its fairly monochromatic. I thought the colour really reflected the kind of weather I got that first day in London.

This is a layout about how most people mistaken the Tower Bridge for the London Bridge.

When we got off our tour bus at the London Bridge, people just rushed to snap photos of the Tower Bridge in the distance, missing the fact that they were actually standing on the London Bridge itself.