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Update to Feed

Just letting you know, I have moved my site to WordPress. You still access the site through, however if you are using a rss feed reader, please update your feed, as it has now changed to

forgot to mention the RSS feed address

Thanks Steve for pointing this out to me, but I forgot to mention what my RSS feed address is.

For those using Feedly or Bloglovin, I believe you only need to enter in the URL and the reader would automatically extract the RSS feed address.

For those more tech-savy, my RSS feed address is:

welcome to the new site

Happy New Year Everyone!

Most, if not all, of you would have come here from my old blogger blog

As I have mentioned in my old blog, with the new year, I am revamping the site and moving it here.

I hope the new domain name would be easier to remember (and type).

A little housekeeping

The old blog would remain, but new blog posts would not show up there. So if you are using any type of RSS feeder, please add the new URL to get the latest update. (If you don’t know what a RSS feeder is or what it does, you might want to read this article. I personally like Feedly.)

Also I’ve extracted all the old blog posts to the new site, but I think some of the links may have been broken in the process. I am currently going through each post and checking the links, but if you find something that is not working, please let me know by commenting, and I would get on it asap.

Moving Forward

I’m still fiddling with the layout and design of the new blog, so if you have any feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

recesky DIY TLR camera

Whilst on my trip to recent trip back to Hong Kong, I found an interesting little project for myself.


It’s called a Recesky DIY twin lens reflex camera.

This is a toy twin lens reflex camera with very basic control – well only one control, the shutter. But I’m not looking to take any pulitzer-winning photos with this camera, I just want to build it.


The actual building doesn’t take more than a couple of hours, and that’s with me trying to figure out the Chinese instruction book. Luckily, there are plenty of English ones online.

It’s fairly simple with not too many fiddly bits. One word of advice though, it’s best if you use a screwdriver with a long “head”. Mine had a big knobbly handle (as you can see in the picture above) and it gets in the way of screwing the body together in the end.


Tada! That’s the finished product.

Being impatient and everything, I wanted to start using it straight away. I found a roll of expired film packed along with an old Minolta XG9 that my dad lent me ages ago. Lomo cameras use expired film all the time, so should be fine for this toy camera. I’ll be snapping pictures over the next few days, and I can’t wait to see how the photos come out!

iPhone pic / lolita fashion


Yes, I’ve been away for a while… but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing creative things while away.

Nanowrimo has come and gone, and though I didn’t complete 50K words, I did write 15K, which is 5x the amount I wrote the year before. Next year, if I manage to write 5x the amount I wrote this year, I’d be able to complete 5K. (One can hope!)

Now, photography has always been one of my creative avenues. This year, I have been opening myself up to Gothic Lolita – a type of Japanese fashion that I’ve been fascinated with for years, but never had the guts to wear.

Since moving back to Melbourne, I’ve joined the local group of Lolitas and have been going to the meets and just having a hell of a time.

The photo above was taken at one such meets. It was a spur of the moment thing, and after tweaking it a bit on the iphone, we have the above result. Ta da!

woyww 103

This week I’ll be showing you pictures of my workstation in the office of my day job.

This is because I want to take this chance to show off my latest joy in life. My iPad 2! (Yeah, my joy in life is shallow and materialistic, sue me XD)


I’ve kind of wanted one since the first model came out, but had no justification for buying one. The iPad is for content consumption, and truth be told, I’m more about content creation.

But I’ve been playing with more and more photo manipulation apps – which isn’t surprising since the developers are cranking out better and better apps – and I realised that the iPad would be the perfect photo manipulation tool.

I’ll be able to instantly download my photos from my iPhone or camera using the camera connection kit and the touch-screen will allow me to have a hands-on approach to editing my photos. As much as I like my graphic tablet, it’s still not as nice as “touching” your photo while editing. ;p


I took this picture one morning on the way to work. I only used a light touch of “100 cameras in 1” app to create some mood and left it at that.

What this means is that there may not be a lot of art journal pages, or even zentangles for a little while. This is what happens when I get a new toy!


omg, it’s been forever since I’ve posted…

Real Life intruded, my mother visited and after she left I was hit by the writing-bug. And it’s not even November yet. I’m thinking of joining this year’s NaNoWriMo, anyone else interested?

I’ve also been taking photos on my new iPhone 4 (not so new now) and I’ve been fiddling with camera apps like Hipstamatic and the Korean Pudding Camera. You can see some of them here.

But overall, just writing to let you know that I haven’t completely dropped off the face of the earth, but just gone into writing mode instead of painting mode…

point & shoot journaling – journey

Second series of photos for the point and shoot journaling course I’m taking is called “Journey”. This lesson touched more upon (non digital) photo manipulation and how to incorporate or blend photos into a page.

Gesso seems to have a big role into this lesson’s photo manipulation technique, and especially helps to blur the line between paper and photo.

I’m having a little trouble finding archived photos that deals with the subject “Journey”, so I will keep my eyes peeled for new photo op that could be journey-related. In the meantime I will try out some of the photo manipulation techniques on other photos and post them up as soon as they’re done.

point & shoot journaling – resonance

I mentioned earlier that I’ve signed up for LK Ludwig’s Point and Shoot Journaling: One, Two and Three Course.

Here are the two pages I’ve made so far in the exercise Resonance.

It really was quite a challenge to take an unbent paper clip to the photos and scratch at them. If I didn’t have a digital copy in my computer, I would have never been able to do it. But once done, I must admit that the photo did stand out more. The second image was too busy already, so I didn’t think it would benefit much from being scratched.

I also went to watch Alice in Wonderland – the imagery was really inspiring. I hope to do something more in tribute to Tim Burton’s imagination, but for now (lest I forget) I did this small doddle.


I keep putting off writing about it ‘cause I really don’t know how to lead up to it so I’ll just throw it out there, Samantha Kira has started a Tuesday Vlog (video log) on her website.

If you love her time lapse youtube clips on art journaling, you’d love this new addition to her site.

I personally cannot attend the live recording session on Tuesday – it’s at 4am my time – but I watch the recorded the clip off her blog while I’m working on my latest page.

She talks about the recent projects she’s working on, the supplies she uses and offers tips and tutorials. So far there hasn’t been much art journaling per say in these vlogs, and there can be technical glitches sometimes, but I’ll be interested to see how this develops.

On another note, I’ve recently finished the Suzi Blu Les Petit Doll course – will post picture when I make some finishing touches – and after some debate (with my wallet) I registered for LK Ludwig’s Point and Shoot Journaling: One, Two and Three Course.

They are actually three courses spanning a period of 13 weeks that you can sign up for separately. The courses help you integrate photographs into your art journaling, and not just as a picture, but as a focal point of your journaling. It encourages you to take new photos as well as to dive into your old collection of photos that you’ve taken, archived and never looked at again. They help you think about your existing photos and to see new potential images in the making.

For the first exercise, Resonance, I chose the following two photos – I’ll upload more pictures when I’ve completed the exercise.