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amy tangerine’s day book

As mentioned in my previous post, I recently purchased a few of Amy Tangerine’s Daybooks.

Here’s a few of my layouts so far:

We went to the Melbourne aquarium for the Aquarium After Dark event a couple of months back. As the first thing we did in the new year, I thought it was a good way to start off the daybook.

I did all the post-editing of the photos in my iPhone and then printed them out using the Polaroid PoGo and the Polaroid GL10. The PoGo was temperamental as usual, but the GL10 produced really nice 3×4 prints. May be the perfect fit for Project Life.

Valentine’s Day dinner, again dim environment killed any possibility of good shots with my iPhone. You don’t really expect to take a DSLR to a Valentine’s Day date though, right?

We’ve been talking about going to Puffing Billy since we first met, and now, two years later, we finally get to go.

The only problem I find with the GL10 prints is that they are quite big in comparison to the tiny daybook. Multiple photos on a layout would completely overwhelm the page. So I decided to do a bit of photo-collaging on my phone before printing it out and that works just fine.

three scrapbooking classes… at the same time!

Omg, I don’t even know how it started, but I’ve been bitten by the scrapbooking bug.

Okay, rephrase, I’ve been bitten by the purchasing-loads-of-scrapbooking-stuff bug.

I already have loads of 6×6 paper pads from my art journaling – which I haven’t been doing much since meeting my SO – but I’ve recently discovered Studio Calico and Amy Tangerine.

Amy Tangerine Daybooks and a Smash pen

Next thing I find, I’ve purchased three of Amy Tangerine’s Daybooks, stickers and wood veneers (I haven’t purchased anything from Studio Calico because I missed their subscription date, I’m on their Project Life Kit waiting list – oh don’t get me started on Project Life!).

My SO didn’t help the matter much either; he whole heartedly encouraged me to purchase a scrapbooking album and full kit from a KaiserCraft store we happened to walk by.

With all this gear, I’ve also signed onto a couple of classes… ok, so it’s three – I’m so broke now…

The first one is The Curious Scrapbooker’s Field Guide by May Flaum over at Big Picture Classes. I heard this on the PaperClipping Roundtable podcast (yes, I’ve gotten into podcasts too).

It’s very much about techniques and using your existing stash of craft supplies, and not necessarily traditional scrapbooking supplies. In the current week’s lesson, we’re looking at using paint on scrapbook layouts.

Problem is, I’ve never scrapbook before, so I find that there’s some big gaping holes in my scrapbooking basics. And my pictures… they’re are a mess (organisation-wise).

Which is where the second class comes in, Stacy Julian’s Finding Photo Freedom also hosted at Big Picture Classes.

Finding Photo Freedom (previously known as Library of Memories) is an organisation system for your photos (both printed and digital) with scrapbookers in mind.

Neither classes have gone on for very long, so I can’t really write much of a review, but trying to get through two classes worth of material can be a bit mind boggling (especially if I try to do all their recommended homework as well!).

But I’m not finished yet. I also registered for {mo}tography, another class that I heard about on the PaperClipping podcast (that show is so bad for my wallet!).

This class teaches you to use your instagram photos in your scrapbooking.

Unfortunately, I thought there would be more information on the printing of photos from your phone and using them in scrapbook layouts. Instead it mainly introducing students to smart phone apps which could help you edit your photos in preparation for printing.

However for $19 I got a bit of my money’s worth from the digital fonts and templates that they give away as part of the class.

So now I have to juggle three classes’ worth of material as I navigate the treacherous waters of scrapbooking (not to mention trying to watch all the CHA 2013 videos that PaperClipping has put up – there’s 50 of them!) 

PS. In the process of writing this, I’ve also joined up as a premium member of – my justification, I need to mend those gaping holes in my knowledge! I know, I’m just bad at spending money (or not spending it).