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layout: sea angels

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a scrapbook layout. To be honest I haven’t been scrapbooking for the past few months. Life has been crazy and my Citrus Twist kits have been stacking up, unused.

So with January well and truly behind me, I decided to roll up my sleeves and actually get some layouts done.

To help me get started, I thought I would use one of the sketches on

The pictures in this layout is actually from my 2012 trip to Hokkaido. (I only realise now that I wrote the wrong date at the end of my journaling – I will need to go back and fix that.)


Hokkaido’s Shiroi Koibito factory is where I first saw these enchanting creatures. Their translucent bodies and flapping swimming motions certainly earned them the name “Sea Angel“. I found them endearing pretty much immediately.

They require quite cold environments to survive and I have not found many aquariums to hold them.

So this time while I was back at Shiroi Koibito factory, I took the chance to take a snap of them.

Even though I have since discovered that they are actually a type of sea slug, it doesn’t stop me from thinking they are incredibly cute. – 22nd October 2012

The hardest part of this layout I think, would be the stamping on the right side of the layout. Stamping directly on the background paper, and in such a prominent position really freaked me out; there were so many ways that this could go wrong!

I think one of the things to keep in mind is to stamp on scrap paper first to see how the colour/impression comes out, and then to persevere. With multiple impressions like the one on this layout, you have to just trust that the first couple of images would look strange and to keep going.

I tried to keep the positioning a bit varied, and stopped before it got too crowded. Overall I’m quite happy with my first foray into background stamping.

layout: charming and adorable

This is another layout that I took a photo of in the car. It was a fairly cloudy day, so the photo came out darker than I wanted.

The two photos in this layout span across 13 years.

In case people get confused, these are not the same people (although I am in both). I just wanted to do a page showing the kind of changes that can happen in 13 years.

It’s also interesting to note that when you’re in Year 11, you try to dress like an adult, but 13 years later… we hold onto our youth with teeth and claw XD

This is actually quite a strange combination of colours, but I kind of like it.

layout: this is not the london bridge

Winter months in Melbourne are horrible for taking photos in natural lighting. Even with Spring in full swing, I’m still not getting enough light. So I finally ended up taking my layouts to work with me so I can snag a couple of shots during lunchtime.

This is another layout for my Europe tour last year. I really like how this layout turned out, even though its fairly monochromatic. I thought the colour really reflected the kind of weather I got that first day in London.

This is a layout about how most people mistaken the Tower Bridge for the London Bridge.

When we got off our tour bus at the London Bridge, people just rushed to snap photos of the Tower Bridge in the distance, missing the fact that they were actually standing on the London Bridge itself.

life.paper.scrapbook september sketch: insta-mail love

The Camp Paper Scissors weekend has come and gone, so it’s time to post up some of the layouts I finished.

Below is from one of the scrap challenges: we were to make a layout based on the Life.Paper.Scrapbook September Sketch.

I took the sketch and turned it on its side.

I always love messy layering, and it was a lot of fun tucking random bits of paper, doily and washi tape under each other.

It was only when I was nearly done that I decided to cut the kraft paper down and put it on an turquoise cardstock so I have small border. Of course now that I look at it, I wish I hadn’t cut off so much of the kraft, but then that’s a lesson for me.

My final touch was actually to stamp and then cut out the image of an envelope with a love heart seal. I actually won this stamp set during the Camp Paper Scissors raffle, and it’s just so cute!

layout: the wandering bear

This is the first layout I’ve created for an object: a bear shaped umbrella case.

Don’t be fooled by its innocent looks, it is notorious for photobombing. It’s not too obvious from the selection of photos on this layout, but there were more than a few photos where the pink bear popped up. But this layout isn’t about that.

Our tour guide was small, tiny even by Asian standards, so the only way to see her above the crowds at, say, the Trevi Fountain or at the Venetian Square is by keeping an eye on the obtrusive pink bear on a stick. Where other tour guides might wave a stick with streamers or wave a tattered looking flag, our tour guide wave a skewered plushie.

Upon closer inspection however, you’ll discover that the “plushie” is actually a very cute umbrella case. So cute in fact, that I wanted to buy one too. Unfortunately since it was a gift, our tour guide wasn’t able to tell me more about where I could buy one expect that it was from Japan.

Of course then there’s Google.

But the only ones I’ve found were rabbit-shaped rip off’s made in China. Oh well, if I finally make a decision between a (potentially) heavy UV umbrella or a stifling hat for the Egypt trip this October, I might get the bear. Or perhaps a Senz (if they ever produce a UV one).

layout: party costume dilemma

This is actually a layout I finished a few weeks back, but I completely forgot to blog about it. I was looking through my album the other day when I stumbled on the layout.

This will teach me to leave my layouts out of the albums until I have finished photographing (and perhaps even blogging about) it.

I might end up with a lot of loose layouts floating around my room, but that might give me more incentive to photograph them more quickly.

One can hope.

The Story

This photo was taken at one of the many costume parties that friends of ours host at the Ondergrond, a supposedly Amsterdam-themed lounge and bar situated in the middle of the CBD.

The Boy had ordered his costume tailor-made from a website called FanPlusFriend, it matched with one of my Lolita dresses (Lolita, in this context, is referring to a type of Japanese fashion, and not the novel).

When his costume arrived, we found that the pants were too big. The only way he could keep the pants on was if he wore another pair of pants underneath. So that’s what he did

layout: square of miracles

I’ve found that the only way I could get around to taking photos of layouts is if I take the layout to work with me and try to find the time during the day to take quick shots.

I actually took the photos below in the car during lunchtime. The light wasn’t too bad, and there wasn’t much glare.

Putting it together

The layout is fairly simple; I felt the photo sizes were too irregular to do too much. If I had printed the Hipstamatic shots smaller, I would have tried a messier look.

I find myself really drawn to all these muted pastel colours – would definitely have to buy a few more of this colour scheme.

The Journaling

None of the photos do the place justice.

I think, of all the places I visited on this Europe trip – and I say this with the benefits of hindsight – the Piazza del Duomo was the grandest place I saw. And I’m not just talking about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but the whole plaza.

Perhaps it was the weather, when I walked through the archway in the wall and saw the plaza spread out before me… there were dark clouds in the sky behind the Baptistery but the sun was shining on the white buildings making them gleam, and the wide open space… It took my breath away.

I was disappointed that I only got to spend such a short time there. I would love to go there again, when it is empty of superfluous people and just sit and wonder at the wide open spaces and towering architecture.

Minor Details

I finally got my hands on the Freckled Fawn’s “Star and Such” wood veneer and I’m totally in love with them!

Unfortunately FF has sold out on them, though I did find that SimonSaysStamp still seem to have some last I checked. I’m a little tempted to go buy another pack.

The tiny pearls are from KaiserCraft.

layout: hello sunshine

I admit that I’ve fallen behind with my blogging, again. I can’t help it. I have heaps of fun creating the layouts, but I’m finding it very hard to snag any daylight time to get around photographing the page.

To put things into perspective, I slept till 5pm on Saturday, after a very very late Friday night/early Saturday morning.

I’m definitely not a morning person, and my yearly quota of Vitamin D/sunlight is usually reaped during Summer when the sun doesn’t set till 9pm.

Anyway, I finally managed to drag myself out of bed on Sunday to quickly snap a couple of shots of my first ever 2-page spread. Yes, I know, it still took me four days to get something written…

Putting it together

Since this is my first attempt at a 2-page spread, I scraplifted from Lisa-Jane Johnson’s layout here.

Lisa’s repeated use of 6×6 patterned paper allowed for coordinated pages to be quickly assembled. And by swapping the order the 6×6 pp were laid out, the two pages manage to coordinate without looking cloned.

I find that I really love the traditional photo stitching effect on a scrapbooking layout, but it proved hard to balance across the page. In an attempt to emphasize the diagonal line, I tried putting more embellishments on the bottom left and top right of the page. Now that I look at the layout in the picture (and not in real life), I find that I may need to go back and some non-paper embellishments. Perhaps some washi and wood veneer.

The Journaling

This is another layout about last year’s Europe trip.

We had just finished our tour of the Vatican and had made our way to the Colosseum. But the moment we stepped off the tour bus, dark clouds amassed above our heads, wind start picking up, and big fat drops of rain fell from the sky.

It was hardly a down pour by any standards, but umbrellas were quickly opened.

Our tour guided assured us that “it’s just passing rain”, but we were skeptical as rain only fell harder.

Ten minutes in however, the clouds moved on, the sun came out and we got beautiful shots of the Colosseum.

Supplies used

Except for the thickers, I think I used Amy Tangerine’s Yes, Please collection exclusively. I forgot to write down the supplies list, but someone correct me if I’m wrong.

scrapping three 4×6 photos

So no Project Life spread this week. I’ve been hooked by traditional 12×12 layouts and I’ve cranked out a few over past week.

Hopefully I’ll feel as inspired to write out blog posts just as fast.

This series of photo is of my best friend while we were in London last year. It totally captures her quirky nature!

The layout itself was quite simple, with only paper embellishments, but since the focus was on the photos, I was fine with that.

There also wasn’t a lot of journaling – I thought the photos spoke enough as it is. But there’s plenty of room on the layout if I do think of something to add. I am not above adding to layout weeks after I’m “finished”, why restrict yourself?