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how do you refresh yourself during the day?

Do you feel tired during the day and wish to give yourself a mental boost?


A few weeks back resulted in the page above.

It was not very complicated, and it reflected the lunch break that I was on. The picture was taken while I was lying on the grass in a nearby park. It was Friday, and therefore casual clothes day at the office; it’s easier to sprawl on the grass when you’re not wearing an office-lady getup.


I had my PoGo printer with me, so I was able to print the photo from my iPhone straight away. A couple of sprays with Tattered Angel’s Glimmer mists, a mandala doodled with a copic marker and it was done. Then the laziness of the day got to me and I took a short nap after the page was done. It really refreshed me for the rest of the day at work.

I suggest that people take a little rest during your lunch break at least once a week – as opposed to cramming errands into this time – you’d be surprised just how much more focused you would be after it.

(Btw, the photos of the journal page was taken at different times, under different lighting… the white balance was a bit off on both shots XD)

sacred background?

I’ve recently discovered a new colour combination that I really like, it’s a combination of orange, yellow and pink with a bit of green. I tried to take a photo of the background (below) but the picture doesn’t do it justice.

The colour combination reminds me of the rose bush that grew outside of my bedroom window when I was in Primary School.

One thing I discovered while I was staring at the completed background was that I didn’t know what to put on top of it.

I’m sure plenty of you have experienced the same situation in the past; you become so enamoured with the background you’ve slated over that you just couldn’t bring yourself to write on top of it or – Goddess forbid – collage over it.

But it would be a shame to leave it just as a “blank” page, so after much internal debate, I allowed myself to draw a mandala over it.

I have a feeling that this page isn’t finished yet, but for now this is as much “desecrating” as I could allow myself. Maybe later when I’ve become a bit more detached to the page, I would add more on it.

What do you do with “sacred backgrounds”?

zentangle / mandala / art supplies

So I tried zentangling today and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out (left).

Had to wrack my brains trying for patterns, but there’s plenty of resources online with inspirational patterns/templates.

For the official low-down, you can visit the zentangle website. You can buy a zentangle kit and learn how to apply zentangling to relaxation, education etc.

Or you can learn how to draw a zentangle here.

There’s also plenty of youtube clips, which pointed me to Milliande’s site

. She seems to have some interesting tutorials (haven’t checked them out yet), so will be having a look in the next couple of days.

I’ve become obsessed with drawing mandalas. Okay, not “obsessed” obsessed, but it’s something I really enjoy.

I used a Pilot Petit1 fountain pen to draw this (it’s actually the same pen/ink I used in the zentangle above).

This journal page is not yet finished; I should be adding some journaling to it in the near future.

There’s so many unfinished pages in my journal — I love creating backgrounds, but then end up scratching my head for content.

I want the words to match the background but when I do have the words, they don’t neccessarily correspond with any pages I’ve already created. And when I feel like writing, I don’t feel like painting/collaging/doodling a background.

The only solution I can think of is to write down the words in my iphone so I have the contents for reference in the future. The problem with that is that the words would not be written in the journal on the spur and I would censor them when I put it down on the page.

It’s getting late, I’m ranting again.

Last thing before I sign off. I found a picture of some art supplies I’ve purchased a couple of weeks back. Rubber stamp packs, lace borders and a CarlaCraft Florence Muret craft punch. A Christmas present for myself. =)

reading on creativity

I confess, I’ve been reading blog posts/online tips on creativity as opposed to doing anything creative.

Below are the blogs I’ve visited today:

Other links:

Oh actually I’m halfway through drawing another mandala (picture above). I was still a little bit irked over how uneven my previous attempt was. I’m not sure whether this one is finished yet; I feel there is more to be added, though I can’t figure out what yet. Will upload follow up post when it gets finished.

growing mandalas

A few months back a friend of mine was looking for books on mandalas and how to draw them. I remember that at the time I wasn’t particularly interested in them. I didn’t really know what they were.

But then I saw these and these and I was inspired.

I was originally misdirected to websites instructing me to draw a circle and fill it with any symbols I wanted. I’m not saying that this is incorrect in anyway, but it wasn’t the way for me.

Then I found the youtube video by “expressing the self” on growing mandalas. The instructions couldn’t be more helpful.

After my first attempt (above) I completely understand the whole, “draw it carefully” statement. If you’re not careful, the motifs would end up all over the place, and the mandala would become uneven.

In my next mandala I hope to incorporate more empty space as part of the design.

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