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new tank set up

sigh I did it again.

I should have known better than to walk into that aquarium shop. Since getting a pretty little betta fish, I’ve been trying to figure out how to snaze up his tank.

Now his tank is already pretty snazzy itself, being a 23L Fluval Edge and everything. But I’m not really great with aquarium decor and I haven’t installed a heater in the tank yet.

So driving by Glen Waverley today, I see Amazing Amazon – a pet store specialising in exotic pets and aquariums – and I go in for a gander.

Would you believe it, they have bluespotted ribbontail rays!


I didn’t take as much photos as I should, I was too busy gawking. They had snakes and lizards, birds and fishes, and coral. Oh my god.

So I grabbed a few things (cough cough) to put in my tank.

And here it is.


a new room-mate? and further zentangle practice…

I’ve recently got myself a new room-mate, and I mean this in the literal sense; I bought myself a crowntail betta splenden. He currently resides in a 22L Fluval Edge tank (and for those betta fans out there, I did not fill the tank up to the top, so he does have enough breathing room) on a shelf above my desk in my room.


I appreciate the difficulty in taking photos of a pet (I have a black cat, it does hell to the white balance on my camera) but taking a photo of a fish in a tank of water is a whole new level of frustration. I don’t pretend that the above photo is anything to be proud of, but I just want to show off his colours – isn’t he just so pretty?

And now that I’ve splurge so much on my new pet (well to be exact, I spluged it on his tank… $200AUD, urk! But the tank is also really really snazzy), I’ll probably have to eat leftovers for lunch everyday for the next month… I’m not even thinking of buying any new art supplies… =_=

Of course, since my latest project is zentangling, I don’t really need a lot of supplies, just pen and paper!


In this zentangle I was drawing a couple of weeks back, I was practicing featherfall, pais and flux. Looking at featherfall, it reminds me slightly of my betta’s fins (I need to name my fish, I can’t just keep calling him, “my betta”). Perhaps I should try creating a tangle based on his fins…