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layout: gramophone @ shiroi koibito

This is a much more structured scrapbook layout that I was inspired from a recent BigPictures class I was doing.


Their collection of gramophones are impressive to me if for nothing more than I appreciate the amount of effort taken to care for the machines to keep them in working condition.

They even have a “concert” every hour where you can choose an album from their collection and play it on their machine.

the boys

I’m finally getting around to scrapbooking my photos from last year’s trip.

Since taking that photo of the guys in their onsen robes, I knew I wanted to do something with it; their expression was just classic!

I mainly used the papers from Citrus Twist’s March Project Life Kit, though the horizontal piece with the sketches on it was from my own stash.

(Yes, this Project Life Kit came with 12×12 kraft cardstock so you could create a traditional scrapbook page in addition to your Project Life spreads.)

In my week 14 layout for Project Life, you got to see all the blues, greens and greys that were in the March kit, but in this layout you get to see the red, purple and kraft paper that were also included.

Two colour schemes in the one package; it allows you to create all sorts of pages that has completely different feel!

And may I say that I especially love the crosshatched paper. It came from the 6×6 Studio Calico “Darling Dear” paper pad and I nearly didn’t want to use it. But I’ve learnt from Shimelle that if you don’t use a much loved paper while you still love it, you most likely won’t ever use it.

Lastly, the title was made from alphas in my own stash, and there was minimum journaling as I thought the photos more than told the story.

I completed this spread entirely on my own, no conscious use of any sketches at all. But I’ve stared at it for so long, I can’t even tell whether it looks balanced or anything. If someone could tell me whether the page needs more embellishing, or whether the photo mat should be straight, I’d really appreciate it actually.

SupaNova 2011 (Perth) – Day 3

This is a relatively short post and is the last one in my three part series on my SupaNova weekend in Perth. Please find the links to my previous posts below:

My third and last day in Perth is very James-Marsters-centered. I planned to attend the James Marsters panel, get a photo and autograph with him and then later that night attend the SupaNova afterparty, which James would also be attending.

I hadn’t mentioned this earlier, but I had taken my Gothic Lolita outfit to Perth with me. Hearing how there are more cosplayers on the Saturday than the Sunday, I wore that outfit on Saturday. Which leaves me wearing casual clothes on the Sunday. Which is just fine – as much as I love the fashion, I didn’t want to take a photo with James Marsters in it.

But first things first, the James Marsters panel.

I woke up at 10:30am thinking, “What time was the James Marsters panel again?”

It starts at 11am.

Of course I wasn’t going to just run out of the apartment without proper grooming – photo taking, remember? – but I swear it was the quickest I’ve ever put on make up.

I didn’t miss too much of it, luckily, and got a few snapshots while I was at it.


Look at that smile, who wouldn’t swoon?


Then, while I was waiting for James Marsters’ photo op session, I went to watch the anime game show.


Yeah, even John Robertson was a bit gobsmacked about this performance.


I love this pair’s cosplay. Even though I’m not too sure which anime it’s from (more my fault than their’s), I thought their’s was the prettiest out of the two days worth of costumes I’d seen.


More cosplays.


And finally, my picture with James Marsters.


I was going to tell you how my mind went completely blank when he shook my hand and said, “hi,” but I think you guys have had enough of me swooning in the past three entries. XD

Oh, and the after-party?

It was unnerving to see how much more fan-girly other people could be – I mean, I thought I was bad. But everyone behaved, to a degree. I even got to meet Gareth David-Lloyd (aka, Ianto Jones in Torchwood).

He’s quite a unique individual – for a lack of better words – and I’m now watching Torchwood, to compare the actor and the character. It would be interesting to watch a show after meeting the real person (as opposed to the opposite).

As I have warned, this is a fairly short entry. Unfortunately I took so long to get all the photos sorted out that the impressions of the trip is no longer fresh in my mind.

I’ll have to keep in mind to actually write the entries while on future trips, and then edit and publish them when I get back.

Since I have a Hong Kong/Tokyo trip planned for September, this is a good tip to keep in mind. ;P

SupaNova 2011 (Perth) – Day 2

Well here is part 2 of my 3-part series on my SupaNova weekend a few weeks back. If you haven’t read the first post, you can find it here.

After my text-intensive post last time, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking in this post.


You should hear the amount of “aww…” when this kid-Vader walked up to the 501st Legion.




I usually won’t post fuzzy photos, but I thought their pairing was fantastic.

This Tardis has certainly seen better days, but I loved the effort they put in it. Go Doctor! (Oh, I saw this guy who did a great Doctor, but I was in line for food and couldn’t get a picture. Then I couldn’t find him again, boo…)


So cute… if I could ever get my cat to behave, I’d dress up as Kiki Delivery service.

Shameless plug of my cat.

This poor guy was about to go on break when I asked to take his picture. He had to do up all those little buttons on his vest again – then undo them again when I was finished. But you’ve got to admire his tenacity for perfection.

That was not the scariest thing I saw at the event… does that tell you something?

Okay, here’s where the limits of my dad’s Canon 24-105mm lens are most obvious. It might be an okay lens if you have bright lights and subject matter which is not all that far away. But when you’re 1/3 way across a large room and trying to take photos of an unlit stage, you get

a lot

of blurry photos.

As such, I don’t have as many photos of the Cosplay competition as I would have liked.

Let me just say that John Robertson was great up there. He’s funny, and he knows most (if not all) mainstream anime/games – I’d hate to have to listen to a MC who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

He managed to smooth over some fairly awkward moments (e.g. where amatuer Cosplayers get onstage without being prepared to “flaunt their wares”, and instead stands in one pose awkwardly for 1 minute) – and no, none of these cosplayers I posted up are of those awkward cosplayers.

Look at Penguin’s nose…

This guy yanked a head off a teddy bear and stuff it on a baseball helmet… scary…

Do you really want to know?

After the cosplay competition, the day was far from over –>> James Marsters Live Performance!

Unfortunately photography and any sort of recording was not allowed.

Truth be told, when you forget about aiming your camera and actually sit and experience an event, it’s actually more memorable.

Before nearly every song James would tell us the story behind the lyrics – apparently he wrote quite a number of songs to get back in his girlfriend’s good graces XD

The night was a blast, and it went a long way to making up for the disappointments I’ve experienced the night before.

SupaNova 2011 (Perth) – Day 1 (well night really)

So finally, here is part 1 of my 3-part series on my trip to Perth a few weeks back. Sorry for the text-intensive post, I promise more photos in later entries ;P

The trip did not start off well.

It all started while I was on the bus from the long-term parking to Melbourne Airport. I get a call from Foxtix. They were calling to let me know that the presenter for the two-days writing seminar was stuck in New Zealand due to the volcanic ash. As such SupaNova would be cancelling the writing seminars. The Foxtix employee assured me that I would be refunded in full – as if the cost of the seminar tickets would be all I cared about!

If I was going to Perth purely for the writing seminar I’d be screwed, was Foxtix going to refund me my airfare, lodging and car hire?

Luckily my reasons for going to Perth was three parts, 1) attend the two days writing seminar; 2) go see Wicked, the Broadway musical; and 2) see James Marsters.

It’s okay, I thought as the Foxtix employee arranged for the refund back to my card, on a positive note I wouldn’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to make it to the 8am seminars.

I arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare, so while waiting to board I started watching Durarara! on my iPad.

For an hour.

Apparently there was a mechanical fault with the plane and JetStar was trying to get it fixed.

For an hour.

In the end they still had to change planes for us.

It’s still okay, I thought. I had given myself two hours leeway between arriving in Perth and getting to Burswood Theatre to watch Wicked. I had checked online that the Burswood Entertainment Complex wasn’t that far from the airport – I just wouldn’t have much time to eat beforehand.

Whilst boarding the plane, the attendants told us that the pilot will be trying his best to make up for the delay in the flight time.

Which is useless when they won’t let you land.

Apparently since we’ve failed to arrive on time, we had to wait in “queue” for a slot to land. Who knew Perth experienced such heavy air traffic?

In the end I didn’t get off the plane until 7:45pm, the show starts at 8pm. Even though I didn’t have any check-in luggage, I still had to collect my rental car and drive to the theatre.

Did I also mention it was pouring? Like cats and dogs, with the occassional kangaroo? It was one step away from raining drop bears.

I arrived at Burswood Theatre at 8:40pm, rainwater practically running off me in rivulets. I think the theatre ushers took pity on me, because they let me in even though it wasn’t intermission yet.

I was riverted for the next two hours – I wasn’t as impressed by the music as I was by Love Never Dies – but I thought the story was very clever. Although I didn’t miss that much of it because the show was so long, I would still have liked to have watched the thing in it’s entirety.

The rest of the night was relatively uneventful.

Oh except for this.


There was a car crash outside my apartment window. I was reading a book and getting ready to sleep when I heard a loud long screech then….crunch. By the time I got to my window, I see the car bouncing off the side rails before coming to a stop. One of the guys, I think it was the driver, jumps out of the car and just runs off. His friends get out of the car a bit more slowly, but they just wander aimlessly around the car. I think the bunch of them were drunk off their heads. Later the driver wanders back and they just stand around on the side of the road.

Luckily it seemed that nobody was hurt, and they didn’t crash into any other cars.

Also the ambulance and police arrived very quickly; I think it took no more than a few minutes. I took my camera out for the first and only time that day – to snap that photo above.

And that concludes my post for the first day of my weekend trip to Perth.

My trip did not start out well I’m afraid, but head over to my to see how it proceeds.

SupaNova 2011 – aftermaths

I had hoped to be able to do a series of posts about my SupaNova experience while I was in Perth – but I only realised after unpacking on my first night that I didn’t bring the cable to transfer my photos from my DSLR to my iPad (go figure).

I still haven’t managed to find time to upload my photos into my computer, but I promise to do that soon. Who knows, I might even be able to post the first my SupaNova posts before the week ends *crosses fingers*.

Did anyone else go to SupaNova? Please leave your blog entry link in the comments below, I would love to see your photos!

SupaNova 2011 – Perth

Talk about last minute plans.

Last night I find out that James Marsters would be appearing at the 2011 SupaNova (Australia’s Pop Culture Expo). Unfortunately I’ve already missed the Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney sessions and there’s only the one weekend left, in Perth. This weekend.

Next thing you know, I’ve bought tickets, airfare, accomodation and car hire for a weekend of Sci Fi, Anime and Comics. In Perth.

Okay, before you think that I’m doing this purely because of James Marsters (he has a concert on Saturday night and will be attending the Post-Nova party, squee!), I’m also an anime and sci-fi fan, so it’s not just him.

There will also be the SupaNova Master Class Series for Writers which I’ve signed up for – so no sleeping in for me (both sessions starts at 8am on Sat and Sun D=).

I’ll be toting my cameras (Canon S90 and Canon 450D), so hopefully I’ll be able to snap some pics to share later. I’ll also be wearing my Goth Loli get up (probably not whilst getting a photo with James Marsters), so if there’s any Aussie Goth Lolis reading this and will be attending SupaNova this weekend, let me know so we can meet up for a chat.

Oh, and just to make sure I don’t have *any* free time, I’ve also bought tickets to see Wicked: The Broadway Musical on Friday night.

This expo will most likely be leaving me drained; I’ll be flying out on Friday afternoon and I won’t be back until Monday morning (5:55am, *gasp*), after which I’d probably have enough time to drive home to have a shower and then get back to work… wish me luck!

goodies from ballarat

I was in Ballarat last week to see “Blood on the Southern Cross” at Sovereign Hill. Whilst there, I went to the Imagination Factory and I swear, after being in Hong Kong for so long – where scrapbooking, much less art journaling, is virtually unheard of – being in an actual physical scrapbooking store was like being in heaven.

I had quite a hard time stopping myself from spending my entire savings account on supplies. Instead, I had to content myself with buying just a couple of Tim Holtz’s Distress Inks (finally, some Tim Holtz products! I have a feeling I would be a fan), some memento dew drop inks and a Tim Holtz blending tool (I saw Samantha Kira using them a few weeks back and I’ve been itching to try those out). I also got my hands on some real scrapbooking paper, which I’m actually quite intimidated about using.

The bits that I used in the page above? It took a lot of umm’ing and ahh’ing before I got the courage to tear the bits needed from the scrapbook paper. I swear I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

This is Ballarat page I did in the

A bit more of the scrapbooking paper that I bought. I want to ask those of you who don’t own a die cutter, how you manage to cut these shapes evenly? I fold my paper into quarters and just cut one corner. But folding scrapbook paper can leave a very ugly crease. Just wondering whether anyone has a solution.

It’s not obvious in this photo, as I didn’t photograph to the edges of the page, but this layout is more “scrapbooking” than my other pages. Although I don’t like the rigid structure of scrapbooking, I think I might incorporate some of its layout elements – if only to make my pages look a little neater.

The photos on the page were printed using my PoGo printer – really happy with the way these photos came out. But I think I need to add a bit more on the page, perhaps some doodling around the edges of the photos…

I’m back

Well I’ve actually been back for a week already but I’ve been hiding because my photos were unorganised and I had nothing ready to post with regards to my Portugal/Spain trip.

Actually I still don’t have any of my photos ready, but I thought I should explain my absence, in case people feel I got lost between Madrid and Barcelona. (Although if you believe half the stories our tour guide told about the crime-level in Spain, it’s more likely that I got kidnapped or mugged and left in a ditch somewhere to bleed to death XD)

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve not done much sketching during the trip, but I did take plenty of photos. I’ve also signed up for Bob Davie’s Watercolour Secrets (actually it’s a birthday present from a friend), so hopefully I’ll have some watercolours to show for it in the upcoming posts.


I was supposed to have written this entry before I left for my holiday, but I forgot. Seeing how there’s internet access in my hotel room, I thought I should take the opportunity to write a quick note.

I’m currently in my 3rd day of my 11-days Portugal-Spain tour and have just finished the Portugal leg of the trip.

My itinerary is as follows:
Day 1 – Hong Kong –> Lisbon
Day 2 – Lisbon –> Cape of the Rock –> Obidos –> Fatima –> Belem Tower –> Discovery Monument –> Jeronimos Monastery
Day 3 – Lisbon –> Commercial Square –> Evora –> Seville
Day 4 – Seville –> Spanish Square –> Gibraltar –> St. Michael Grotto –> Costa del Sol
Day 5 – Costa del Sol –> Granada –> Alhambra Palace –> Generalife –> Cordoba
Day 6 – Cordoba –> Consuegra –> Toledo –> Madrid
Day 7 – Madrid –> Segovia –> Aquaduct –> Alcazar –> Madrid City Tour
Day 8 – Madrid –> Valencia –> City Tour
Day 9 – Valencia –> Barcelona –> Monastery of Montserrat
Day 10 – Barcelona –> Olympic Park –> Montjuic –> Sagrada Familia –> Quell Park –> Casa Battlo –> Monument de Colon –> Hong Kong
Day 11 – Hong Kong

I’m trying to do some sketching, but finding that it’s quite hard to do with a tour group. However I’m taking plenty of pictures which I would be sketching from when I get home.

So just letting you know why I’m MIA, and if I don’t get another opportunity to go online (we’re in a different hotel each night), I’ll see you guys when I get back.