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I was reading JournalGirl’s blog and saw that she was published in the winter edition of Art Journaling magazine. So I went to buy the latest online winter edition from the web.

Flipping it, I realise that I couldn’t find the article by JournalGirl… when double checking JournalGirl’s blog I find that I bought the wrong one… it was the Winter 2010 edition, not the Winter 2009 edition that I needed to buy. According to the Stampington website the Winter 2009 is the latest edition, but apparently the one that will be released in January 2010 is also called the Winter edition. Are you confused? I know I am. XD
However, regardless of the edition the magazine is a still good resource for other art journaling artists, their styles and the tools they use. I’d prefer getting the printed copy since I still like flipping physical pages than scrolling digital books/magazine, but shipping is costly and time-consuming, and printed material is not environmentally friendly.

That’s my only gripe about art journaling – it’s not entirely environmentally friendly. Art journaling uses a lot of paper and chemicals and I wonder at the justification for the “waste” (for a lack of better word). This is an issue I struggle with for each page I paint on.

Does any other art journalists have the same issue?


  1. do you want to sell this issue? LMK at

    1. I'd bought a digital copy. Aren't the digital copies available from their website?


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