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too many hobbies?

Although it may be true, I'm still going to give this a try.

My interest in art journaling began when I saw Diana Trout's Journal Spilling on book depository. I've never heard of art journaling before; I've seen movies/tv shows where you have the occasional goth with a highly decorated notebook, but I didn't realise it was an established art-form with an extensive community.

From there I began googling art journaling, and found Samatha Kira's (aka JournalGirl) YouTube videos and then her blog.

After this, it was a jumble of blog entries, jumping from one artist to another, one "how to" tutorial to another. For my own reference, I've put up a list of links that I've found (as a starter).

Most of the stuff like colour pencils, felt-tip colour pens, blank journal I had lying around the apartment, so that was fine I still had to buy some supplies; gesso, watercolour pastels, acrylic paint, brushes, ink, gel medium, tape glue and PITT artist pen. It was not cheap... (though still cheaper than what I spent on my photography gear...)

Hopefully I'll be able to post something up soon. (edit: Actually I found something I was working on a couple of days back, so pasted that at the top of the article)

I was interested in the 365 challenge or the Creative Every Day Challenge, but I take so long with each page, I might not be able to make something each day. However then I saw that each page is dedicated to about a month, with individual squares marked out that you fill in for each day. Perhaps I should do something like that.

The links I started off with in my googling/web-jumping.

How To's:




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