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unfinished #1

How do you keep your cat out of or off your paint while while you're trying to journal? It's like a constant battle; keeping an eye peeled on her every move

I was told that the rose and the butterfly was out of proportion >_<

I just think it's very messy...



  1. Do things on a journal page have to be in proportion? I like this page.the colours you have used are lovely and the white swirls in the bottom right hand corner give it an ethereal look.
    I must get back into my journalling.

  2. @Neet Thanks for that! I drew the white swirls with a correction pen, as I didn't have a white gel pen on hand. It was kind of hard to control the flow, I press down on the ball pen bit and correction fluid goes everywhere ;P
    But I look forward to any post you make for your future journal pages!

  3. I'm just dipping into the world of journalling too and all my pages so far are unfinished...What's new!
    Love the colours, x


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