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catching up

I've been a bit lax at posting for the past week, though not for the lack of creating.

Here are some of the journal pages (finished and unfinished ones) that I did in the past week. Actually some of them have been changed (added to) since the photos have been taken, but I'll upload them at a later date.

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Actually most of these pages were done last week. This week I’ve been focusing on my online courses.
Yes, I said courses. Plural.

I’ve joined two online art-related courses, the first one was SuziBlu’s Les Petit Doll course, and the second one is the Creative Goddess eCourse (yes, it’s an affiliated link).

The Les Petit Doll course had already been going on for two weeks when I joined so I had some catching up to do. Thus my lack of posting.

I’ll refrain from writing reviews on it until I’ve completed the courses, but a short description of what I signed up for:

Les Petit Doll is a course running from January to May 2010 teaching you how to draw “Petit Dolls” (a term coined by SuziBlu I believe) and put them on a painted, shabby background (pic below. This is not my painting, this is SuziBlu’s).

Creative Goddess eCourse is a 6 weeks course encouraging you to be more creative. I originally thought it was a 6 weeks “how-to” course on different medium, but it will seem to be 6 weeks of different creative prompts.

There is a spiritual slant to the course as it encourages you to view art as an expression of your spiritual self. So part of the course material for each week is a meditation that you would need to do.

This course only started last Sunday, so I’ve only had time to read some of material and listen to half the meditation (I drifted off half way through, woke up in time to hear the ending).

So that’s my latest update so far. Oh, and we’re having weird weather here. From 10 degrees earlier this week, it’s jumped up to 26 degrees Celsius (around 79 Fahrenheit) today. A lot of people have gotten sick at the office – including me. I have a sore throat and I feel like I have a fever (albeit a low one) for the last two days.

I need rest.


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