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Gel Nail

Well I just got new gel nails, and since this month's theme for Challenge Every Day 2010 is about body art, I thought I'd upload it. Of course I'm not the one who drew the designs, but I love chosing a new design every month.

It is actually pretty hard to take a photo of your right hand (pressing the shutter with the left hand) and to make the hand pose look natural; I think my hand cramped a couple of times. XD

Finally figured that it was easier when I had something in my hands.

Gel Nail

Over the weekend I visited my local art and craft store. I didn't spend as much money as I thought I would, but that was only because I kept an eye out on the price tag.

New Goodies

Of course any money I saved on that trip was used up when I went to and and brought loads of stamps and Art Journaling magazine. >_<

Things I bought:
Winsor & Newton Ink
Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint
Copic Pen (black and blue)
Art Journaling Winter Edition 2010
Will upload a photo of the stamps when they arrive - of course it's not expected to arrive for another 15 working days... that's like forever.


  1. Welcome to Blissfully Art Journaling! If I had my nails done that beautifully, I wouldn't even dare wash my hair. :) Have fun with all those great new art supplies!

  2. How do you live with those nails? I mean, how do you do anything? I'd have them totally ruined in 5 minutes! They look wonderful. I wish I could have nails like that but there is no way they would work for me.

  3. WOW!! Your nails are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the link to the challenges, looks interesting. Do you get art supplies at Overstock? You've certainly piqued my curiousity by mentioning that LOL

  4. Just popping in for the first time and had to click straight onto your nails. WOW! They are fab.
    Will go look at your artwork now. Luv, CB, x

  5. Now those are so super cool nails! Awesome!

  6. Those nails are gorgeous!! and thanks for the info. I've been meaning to check them out and just keep forgetting. I love your hearts stamp idea too. Thanks for sharing.


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