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"Tell me," she whispered, "or I will haunt even the dreams that drop on your red hair in the golden mellow dappled sunlight until you scream or fall silent through veils of years." ~Leigh Reyes
This was a quote that I saw on Leigh Reye's blog, I love the imagery that it invoked.

When trying to find a space for it in my journal, I found an unfinished page which I had yet to find content for. The imagery of the red hair seems to match the colour theme of the page.

I used a normal parker calligraphy pen to write on the page, but found that the ink was too light. I had to go over the words again and again to build up the colour. I wanted the words to retain some degree of transparency, as a reflection of the liquid quality of the words.


  1. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

  2. @Neet Thank you. I hope to upload a scanned copy of this page as this picture is quite dark.


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