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unexpected change in plans

I had planned for a day of painting or art journaling - it was Sunday afterall.

However I got a call at around 6pm reminding me of the Sammi Cheng concert I was supposed to go today. *face palm* How could I forget something like that?

So I find myself spending my Sunday night in the midst of 10,200 screaming fans, yelling and waving my thunder sticks as opposed to meditating in the relative calm quiet of my own apartment.

It wasn't like I didn't enjoy the concert, but sometimes you're just not in the mood, you know?

After the concert, I was reminded that the holidays are over and work begins again on Monday... lethargy sets in... Monday blues a day early.

Hmm... actually I might be able to make a journal page on that... we'll see what happens... (it is 5am in the morning after all)


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