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whole or parts?


The background is actually more obvious in this photo than in the journal. Probably because the words are so small in the picture, I don't concentrate on them as I do when I look at the page in the journal.

The words came to me while I was watching TV. Characters are portrayed to us in a limited manner; this is to elicit certain emotional responses from the audience. But what happens in real life? How much do we take into consideration when we meet another person? Does a person's intention mean more than their actions? How do we know what their true intentions are?

And the questions continue.


  1. Interesting thoughts. Our minds are only capable of processing so much information at one time, that's why we tend to stereotype people. It's a mental shortcut. The reality of a situation is always different than the perception. Such a lovely way to express the dilemma!

  2. This page is lovely... with soft greens & blues. I like the way you've added printed journaling to your background. ~ Tammy

  3. I like this journal page. It almost looks 3D on my computer.

  4. @dandelionlady Thank you. I was tempted to rant more on the topic, but I restricted it to the few phrases on the page.

    @gypsy thank you, I wish I had bigger stamps to use in the background though...

    @Deb yeah, the shadowing on this page came out better than I thought


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