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zentangle / mandala / art supplies

So I tried zentangling today and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out (left).

Had to wrack my brains trying for patterns, but there's plenty of resources online with inspirational patterns/templates.

For the official low-down, you can visit the zentangle website. You can buy a zentangle kit and learn how to apply zentangling to relaxation, education etc.

Or you can learn how to draw a zentangle here.

There's also plenty of youtube clips, which pointed me to Milliande's site. She seems to have some interesting tutorials (haven't checked them out yet), so will be having a look in the next couple of days.
I've become obsessed with drawing mandalas. Okay, not "obsessed" obsessed, but it's something I really enjoy.

I used a Pilot Petit1 fountain pen to draw this (it's actually the same pen/ink I used in the zentangle above).

This journal page is not yet finished; I should be adding some journaling to it in the near future.

There's so many unfinished pages in my journal -- I love creating backgrounds, but then end up scratching my head for content.

I want the words to match the background but when I do have the words, they don't neccessarily correspond with any pages I've already created. And when I feel like writing, I don't feel like painting/collaging/doodling a background.

The only solution I can think of is to write down the words in my iphone so I have the contents for reference in the future. The problem with that is that the words would not be written in the journal on the spur and I would censor them when I put it down on the page.

It's getting late, I'm ranting again.

Last thing before I sign off. I found a picture of some art supplies I've purchased a couple of weeks back. Rubber stamp packs, lace borders and a CarlaCraft Florence Muret craft punch. A Christmas present for myself. =)



  1. Love your zentangle, Serena - and your journal pages. I'd love to give it a go but I know I just don't have the time this year and I like what I'm doing right now, lol. I'll put your Blog in my Blog Roll!!

  2. Love your mandala. That is just super. Why does your writing have to match what is on the page? What if you divided off a rectangle on one edge for adding words and with a division drawin in ink or a separate color block, your words wouldn't necessarily have to match.

  3. What I try is keeping quotes I like for pages that match and also to go ahead and make some background pages so when you feel like writing it is all done! Everything doesn't have to "go" either though :)


  4. Thanks for visiting!

    @Cath Wilson
    It's been a year since that entry and I have to admit that I haven't touched zentangling in the intervening time, I have only recently freebird
    I'm still working on letting go, being less anal about things having to match. It's getting there...

    Ah quotes... I never had an affinity with them. I see many people using them, and using them very well, but I'm just not that organised about recording all the little bits and bobs that I might read here and there.

    But your comment made me think of song lyrics... now those I could do.


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