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point & shoot journaling – resonance

I mentioned earlier that I’ve signed up for LK Ludwig’s Point and Shoot Journaling: One, Two and Three Course.

Here are the two pages I’ve made so far in the exercise Resonance.

"Resonate" - Tokyo Tower "Resonate" - Redwood Tree

It really was quite a challenge to take an unbent paper clip to the photos and scratch at them. If I didn’t have a digital copy in my computer, I would have never been able to do it. But once done, I must admit that the photo did stand out more. The second image was too busy already, so I didn’t think it would benefit much from being scratched.

I also went to watch Alice in Wonderland – the imagery was really inspiring. I hope to do something more in tribute to Tim Burton’s imagination, but for now (lest I forget) I did this small doddle.

alice in wonderland


  1. Love the angles...looking up

    Looking forward to seeing Alice!

  2. @organicsyes - I'm actually quite a tall person so I find the angle of looking up, and up, and up, quite refreshing

  3. These look great. I printed mine out in color. And then scratched them to death since the scratches weren't showing up. Maybe I'll start over in black and white since I went and bought the glossy paper too.

  4. Very cool Ayra! I love the Alice page too. I have a movie journal that I keep and do pages for all the movies I see. :)

  5. I like your pages and the Alice in Wonderland doodle too! What a cool idea, keeping a movie journal! I saw the movie last week, LOTS OF IMAGES.

  6. @freebird - I think scratches do show up better on photos that are less busy, whether in colour or in imagery (that's why I didn't scratch the photo with the redwood, I don't think it would show up)

    @Purrplekatt - I agree with immortalindigo, a movie journal seems like a good idea, printing out pictures or screenshots from the movie and collaging them into the page

    @immortalindigo - I just loved the font used in the Alice in Wonderland title, and the trees, the trees in the movie was just so dark and twisty!


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