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I keep putting off writing about it ‘cause I really don’t know how to lead up to it so I’ll just throw it out there, Samantha Kira has started a Tuesday Vlog (video log) on her website.

If you love her time lapse youtube clips on art journaling, you’d love this new addition to her site.
I personally cannot attend the live recording session on Tuesday – it’s at 4am my time – but I watch the recorded the clip off her blog while I’m working on my latest page.

She talks about the recent projects she’s working on, the supplies she uses and offers tips and tutorials. So far there hasn’t been much art journaling per say in these vlogs, and there can be technical glitches sometimes, but I’ll be interested to see how this develops.

On another note, I’ve recently finished the Suzi Blu Les Petit Doll course – will post picture when I make some finishing touches – and after some debate (with my wallet) I registered for LK Ludwig’s Point and Shoot Journaling: One, Two and Three Course.

They are actually three courses spanning a period of 13 weeks that you can sign up for separately. The courses help you integrate photographs into your art journaling, and not just as a picture, but as a focal point of your journaling. It encourages you to take new photos as well as to dive into your old collection of photos that you’ve taken, archived and never looked at again. They help you think about your existing photos and to see new potential images in the making.

For the first exercise, Resonance, I chose the following two photos – I’ll upload more pictures when I’ve completed the exercise.



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