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we interrupt our usual broadcast… for plastic trash

I was just watching David Letterman and he was talking with Captain Charles Moore about the The Great Pacific Garbage Patch – it affected me so much that I just had to share it with you.

Although David Letterman try to keep it light and funny, it is a serious matter. We have islands (yes islands) of floating plastic in our oceans (I can’t seem to find a longer clip where Charles Moore explained about the piles of plastic trash that’s accumulating in our oceans).

Unfortunately Captain Moore hit the nail on the head when he said that we are “crisis driven” and there’s still many people who aren’t aware of the situation yet.

As such, I propose the following (this shouldn’t take more than an hour of your time):

1. I suggest everyone try Googling “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch” and try reading just one article about the situation – be aware of what’s going on.

2. Try finding some local organisations, like the Algalita Marine Research Foundation or Project Kaisei – see what you can do to help. Perhaps you can donate a bit of the money that you’re saving for your next art journaling class. Or if you’re short on cash, you can think about joining/organising a local Ocean Clean-up Effort for World Ocean Day.

3. Bag the bag; it’s not much, just bring your own bag the next time you go grocery shopping (leave tote bags in the car so you don’t forget)

4. For you ladies out there, it’s not just plastic bags that’s causing the problem, I have one word for you – Mooncups

5. Lastly, next time you go out shopping for groceries, please try to choose items with less plastic wrappings – I’m personally going to cut back on bottled drinks.

Let me know how you go, cheers!


  1. This is truly a world problem! I cut back and have refused to buy anything in plastic - condiments, food, etc. I am a glass and metal person. The biggest problem is these cruise ships. They dump their garbage in the ocean before coming back. It is sickening.

  2. @Elizabeth Thanks for visiting the site - I used to be a take-out person, but this issue is really putting things into perspective for me.


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