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act of kindness – Roben-Marie

Look at what came in the mail today!

Act of Kindness
These little beauties came from Roben-Marie from "Every Life Has a Story!".

I saw on her tutorial and process videos - which are great by the way - that the pens she was using did not smudge when she painted over it.

When I asked her what pens she used, she told me that they were Sharpie Ultra Fine Point markers. When she found out that Sharpie wasn’t a brand that’s readily available in Hong Kong, she sent me a set without any hesitation. It was so generous of her!

She also sent me a Permaball Pilot pen which she highly recommends. And do you see that “Dream” postcard at the bottom there (it’s the only way to fit everything into the picture)? That’s from Roben-Marie’s Art Goods Shop and it’s gorgeous, I’m going to find some way to put that into a journal page.


  1. Hey! I sure hope these pens work for you! Happy creating!! :)


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