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journaling the “ugly things”

Even before art journaling, when I was just writing in my journal (or diary) I’ve been hesitant about putting down the negative things – angry thoughts, fears, uncertainty.

I didn’t want to give these negative thoughts power by giving them form in the world – ie. written record in my journal. It’s not that I repress the emotions, but I just let it go. I don’t know whether this is a psychologically healthy thing to be doing – perhaps they are festering in the recesses of my mind, however I find that my goldfish memory pretty much takes care of everything, if I don’t write it down I don’t get reminded of them and they will fade into the shadows of time.

But sometimes I wonder whether this is an unbalanced way of living, to only remember the good and forget the bad. This is when I find this video by RougeRavenDesigns.

Although it doesn’t make me take out my journal and start ranting and raving about my job, I find myself a bit more open towards using my journal as a way to help me through difficult times.

It also help me see art journaling as not just art pages but journaling pages as well. Since I’ve found art journaling, I’ve seen pages and pages of sketches and doodles, paintings and mixed media art. Words are a by-product, a way to decorate the page or add context to the imagery.

I’m sure there are many journaling-centred pages too, but I haven’t seen many of them being displayed. This video showed me otherwise, there were so many words, and in neat rows. They weren’t loopy or decorative, but they were still artistic in a very neat kind of way. A way that I appreciate.

Perhaps I can stop believing that art journaling is image-centric, it is a journal as well.


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