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10kH project

I can’t even remember who gave me what link which then took me to another link, to another link etc.

However, I ended up on Elizabeth/Eliza/Elli Metz’s blog, Junebug on a string (please see her “About Me” section about her name). Although her entries were kind of on the lengthy side (only if you try reading through the whole archive in a night… while reading xkcd for the first time and fiddling with the Daily Tracker iPhone app – in my defense, they were all suggestions on the Junebug blog), I found her blog entries interesting – especially the geeky bits with the productivity iPhone apps.

Anyway… I also read about her year-long project, 10kH, otherwise known as Ten Thousand Hours. It was hypothesised by Malcolm Gladwell that it takes ten thousand hours of focused study and action to master anything on a world-class level. So she’s going to embark upon a one-design-a-day/scent-a-day project for a year in the hopes of taking chunk out of the ten thousand hours.

I don’t know if I can be that brave.

However, I am very interested in the thought of recording all the hours that I put into a project. I agree with a recent article I’ve read; with the increase in social websites like Facebook and Twitter, people are looking for more information to share.

“People got used to sharing… The more they want to share, the more they want to have something to share.” Personal data are ideally suited to a social life of sharing. You might not always have something to say, but you always have a number to report. [link]


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