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Julie Pritchard is closing new application for her “Layer Love” class soon and like many people, I’ve rushed to sign up for this highly popular course.

Here is my attempt at her second lesson (I didn’t try the first lesson because the style just didn’t resonate with me):

I really like the dark, deep-sea grotto look about the page. It seems to work as a painting in itself, but I might end up putting word in it at a later date.

Below is just my attempt at using similar techniques as above but less dark – I was thinking of making a more journal-able page, but I still ended up with a page with no room for words.

So with my third attempt I didn’t even try to leave room for words, I just did a painting – who says you can’t put paintings in your art journal?

In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious, I really like the colour blue. Especially Golden’s Turquoise (Phtalo).

I did try to use a different colour, but I couldn’t seem to duplicate the effect.


Oh, one last thing before I sign off on this entry; if anyone has a completed layer love page, with journaling, I would love to see it. Please leave a comment with a link to the picture. I would love to see how other people incorporated words into the pages; the way Julie teaches it, each page seems to be a standalone piece of work.


  1. They look great. I still haven't tried one yet. I need to see up an area for painting with the acrylics so I can do this and also some realistic paintings. It's hard when you are trying to work in 1 sq.ft.! Now I would journal over all of these with photos and white or yellow pens, maybe a little black. I'd probably add a little collage but not too much. I wouldn't want to hide the painting but have it shine through the journaling. When I do get one done I'll post it.

  2. All of these pages that you have made are still perfect for journaling on. If you want the writing to show up I would use a white gel pen. If you don't want the journaling to be readable, use any pen you want. Also a metallic gel pen would look very cool on these pages. There is plenty of room to write between the dribbles or up and over it all. Your choice!


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