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watercolour exercise – a french alley

 Watercolour Exercise - a french alley

This is one of the more complicated watercolour exercises that I’ve done so far.

The perspectives are a bit wonky, but I’m pretty proud of my efforts. I need to remember that even for exercises I need to have more care in the original sketch as it can ruin the whole painting.


  1. Wow, this is a stunning watercolor with a very difficult perspective to accomplish, but you did it masterfully. I have attempted to draw this kind of perspective and I am not good at all with it. I will have to keep on trying!

  2. LOVE your watercolors! Looked at a lot of them on your blog & they are just beautiful!
    So glad to have found you through the art hop!
    Happy weekend!

  3. Your work is beautiful - I'll be back for more~ thanks for sharing~

  4. Thanks for visiting the blog

    @Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey
    I must say that I only managed the perspective because I was following the step-by-step instruction on the talens site.

    But I must agree that practice makes perfect; recently I did a sketch on board a ferry ride and found that perspective came to me more easily now than a year ago.

    It definitely encourages me to carry my sketchbook with me on a daily basis!

    @Susan HP
    I'm glad that I joined the art hop as well, it puts me in touch with so many people of the "arting" (making up words now) community.

    @Jeanne Forsyth
    I've had a look at the pieces on your blog and I was so inspired! I wish I have your skills with watercolour!

    I've left a comment on your Blossoms of Blue post.


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