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birthday card

So it was my birthday a few days back, and look what I got in the mail!
Birthday card
This was from a fellow Blissfully Art Journaling Yahoo!Group member.
Birthday card - inside
Thank you Timaree, the card is very pretty!


  1. Hey!
    Happy birthday! I hope yours was fantastic! Today is mine and I received a card from Timaree also. I thought that was the coolest surprise!
    Looking forward to seeing your art again... I know what you mean about losing time for our art. Can't help but be inspired by the video-ers tho, yeah? lol!
    Take it easy

  2. @Lotus
    I can only hope that this would be a case of "better later than never"... Happy (very belated) Birthday!

    I must work harder at keeping up with comments left on my blog - it's the least I could do after you've been kind enough to take the time to leave a comment!


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