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AJF – lesson 3 – lemons

AJF 3 - Lemons
I completely forgot to post this up!
This is from the third lesson of Artful Journaling Foundations class with Laure Ferlita.
I had my quirks with this one. I don’t like the background as I think the purple is really blotchy and the words made it all very busy. I like the bowl and I’m happy I put in the little chips on the rim, but I am way happy about the way the lemons turned out (even though the one on the right looks more like a mango).
I haven’t started watercolours for long and I’ve never tried layering colours like I did with the shadows on the lemons. It was really fun and what I thought were accidents turned out to be details that I love the best in the end product.


  1. the complementary colors and the shape of the lemons are just very good, hope u will improve more your tecnhic :) good job

  2. @DynamiteJ

    Thanks for that!

    I can see that your blog is full of bold colours and strong imagery.

    I agree that my watercolour technique is lacking somewhat, but it could only improve with practice. XD


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