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how do you refresh yourself during the day?

Do you feel tired during the day and wish to give yourself a mental boost?


A few weeks back resulted in the page above.

It was not very complicated, and it reflected the lunch break that I was on. The picture was taken while I was lying on the grass in a nearby park. It was Friday, and therefore casual clothes day at the office; it's easier to sprawl on the grass when you're not wearing an office-lady getup.


I had my PoGo printer with me, so I was able to print the photo from my iPhone straight away. A couple of sprays with Tattered Angel's Glimmer mists, a mandala doodled with a copic marker and it was done. Then the laziness of the day got to me and I took a short nap after the page was done. It really refreshed me for the rest of the day at work.

I suggest that people take a little rest during your lunch break at least once a week - as opposed to cramming errands into this time - you'd be surprised just how much more focused you would be after it.

(Btw, the photos of the journal page was taken at different times, under different lighting... the white balance was a bit off on both shots XD)


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