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how do you respond to blog comments?

As I've mentioned previously, I'm trying to improve my blogging skills.

This includes responding to the nice people who actually leave comments to my posts. I've read a few articles online. In fact, Amanda @ Serenity Now has written a very nice series of posts surrounding the topic (I highly recommend popping over to have a look).

But I have a few extra questions and hope other more experienced bloggers out there could help me out.

When someone leave you a comment, do you:

a) reply as a comment in your own blog, or

b) reply as a comment on the commentor's blog (assuming they have one).

Now, I understand the argument of leaving a reply in my own blog is that the commentor may not return to see the reply. There is a feature in Blogger which gives commentors the option of having future responses emailed to them, but I know I cannot rely on every commentor choosing this option. 

I have been responding as comments to my own blog, but I'm trying out the other method just to see how it goes. As Amanda stated in her post, responding on another person's blog gives your own blog exposure.

But I fear that if I respond on the commentor's blog, future would-be commentors to my blog would not see the response. Would it not be better to have a record of the ongoing conversation in one place?

Aboard the Sorrento FerrySketch I did during Easter - Aboard the Sorrento Ferry

My second question is responding to responses of comments given (huh? yeah, I'll explain). Say I'm surfing the blogosphere and I leave a comment, saying hi and how much I like a particular post. The blogger then comes to my blog and leaves a message thanking me for coming over and that she liked my post too. Do I go back to her blog and thank her for thanking me?

I know it's a good habit to respond to every blog comment left, but when do you leave off a conversation? If a comment on your blog is actually a response to your own comment on your blog, is it okay to not reply?


How do you handle your comments?


  1. Hi Ayra, I try to comment on my blog post in response to the comments that are left. And then I always go visit anyone who has commented, and will usually try to comment on one of their posts...not a thank you for coming to my blog, but a response to something they have posted. I'm not 100% successful at keeping that up, but it seems a good way to build blogging relationships.

  2. @Andria
    Oh, that is a great idea!

    It may not be something that large blogs with hundreds of comments could keep up, but it's perfect for small blogs like mine.


  3. First off, I like your little sketch. It totally makes me think of the ferry ride I used to do when I lived on the coast. Oh how I miss that!

    Your post topic is interesting. How do I respond to comments on my blog? If someone leaves a comment and happens to leave their email address as well I usually shoot them an email. I never respond on my own blog because I know how much I hate having to remember who's blog I left what question or comment on, etc.

    Your comment/question "But I fear that if I respond on the commentor's blog, future would-be commentors to my blog would not see the response. Would it not be better to have a record of the ongoing conversation in one place?" is a good one. I treat each comment separately and in the long run I treat comments as an opportunity to make new acquaintances and friends so I don't really care that the response isn't recorded for everyone else.

    So I suppose the whole thing is very personal and would depend on how you view your blog and what you're doing with it.

    As for your thanking them for thanking you....hahahaha! Love it girl. I totally agree with Andria's thoughts on what she does and I don't really go back (if they came to me through my comment to them) unless there is something there that interests me, either content or the person. I never feel obligated to thank them for coming back to me. In fact, if I go to someone's blog from a comment on mine I don't do the typical "thanks for coming by" because it's overdone in my eyes. I try to leave "real" comments.

    Wow. So there is your long and not-so-very-short of it. You might want to take a nap now.

  4. So I just left this incredibly longwinded comment and it's not showing up...hmmmm. Maybe it was fate jumping in to save you from boredom!

  5. LOL -- I came by after responding to YOUR comment on MY blog for the same reason -- cuz I'm not sure you'll see my response there and cuz I wanted to "share the love" by coming to say hello on your blog :)-- Like Andria said -- not necessarily to say "thank you" -- but to be respectful and take the time to visit and comment since you were gracious enough to do so on my blog.

    Anyway -- I'm looking forward to exploring your blog and joining you on your journey to creativity!

  6. @B @ Sweet Limes

    All my comments gets put on hold until I approve them. I get emailed for each comment that comes in. It makes sure that I read them all. Hahaha.

    Your comment was really comprehensive and it does make sense that the way you respond to comments depends on the kind of blog you want to have.
    I certainly understand how impossible it is for commentors to remember every single comment they've left and go back to check every single time.

    This topic certainly requires further reflection on my part. Perhaps it's also a case of whether the comment left required a direct response (eg. the commentor asked a question) or whether the point of the initial blog post was to start a discussion among readers.

  7. Hi Ayra. I rarely reply on my own blog in Comments, however if there is something of a theme that I want to respond to, then I create a new post. That way, all the Followers will get a notice of the post if they peruse the new posts on the dashboard.
    Otherwise, I dodge over to the other person's blog, and announce "Me again..." or similar.
    Occasionally, I have a detailed response from someone and I will 'back-channel' by email with that person on the subject.
    Hope that adds another couple of ideas.


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