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"I am a [fill in the blank] and a [fill in the blank]"

This idea of being more than one thing has been running around my mind for a while now. Years perhaps. I think all of us feel, however secretly - in our souls - that we are unique. 

Most of us are aware that we are more than any one thing; we are not just our work, we are not just who we relate to, not just a daughter, a sister, a friend. We are also our hobbies, our interests, our vices.

I think Tammy says this pretty well:

We have many faces to the world:

A Java programmer who is an avid urban sketcher

A homeschooling mom who writes sci fi stories

A pilot who knits cardigans

A marine biology professor who watercolors all summer

A pediatrician who blogs about interior design trends

A realtor who blogs about photoshop

A veterinarian who writes quilt patterns

Our uniqueness comes from our collection of "selves" or "faces"; it is not just that you are an accountant, but that you are an aspiring rock artist as well. This mix of roles is a part of our self-worth; how we separate ourselves from the masses who are our neighbours on this earth.

We are proud of the fact that we are the only accountant who also paints every Tuesday, or the Mother who plays a bass guitar; the oxymoron is a badge of honour on our souls.

Tammy's post asks us to declare who we are, to acknowledge all our roles and to recognise that being one thing does not detract from being another. Take a moment to think about all that you are, declare it to yourself in some small way, celebrate it.


  1. Such a wonderful way to think about things. An architect. A yogini. A writer. A photographer.

  2. I never commented on this post when I first read it, but I should tell you that I took note of it to come back to as an art journaling prompt...very thought-provoking!


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