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Tearing myself away from my Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files audio books (read by James Marsters – *squeal*) – which I have been plugged to for the past two weeks (book 1 to 10) – I bring to you my first What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday post.

Since it is the first WOYWW post I thought I should show you my whole desk, as opposed to just what I’m working on.


Actually thinking about it, I just realised that I’ve had previous pictures of my workdesk here.

Okay, maybe I’m just shamelessly plugging my own blog. XD

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, WOYWW is a link party for people showing off what's on their workdesk on Wednesday (pretty obvious now that I spell it out, huh?). I suggest that everyone head over to Julia Dunnit's blog,

Stamping Ground, to read more about it. If nothing else, the horror of showing the same project on my desk for weeks in a row would get me off my butt and doing some crafting. XD

Actually my art journaling has been going very slowly recently. In addition to my obsession with James Marster’s voice-acting abilities, I have been concentrating on mandalas instead of journal pages.

However, I’ve kept my journals opened at my workdesk in hopes that I would add bits and pieces to it as I pass by. (My workdesk is actually in my room, so it’s not like everything is hidden away in some corner of the house)

I’ve read people’s blogs where they say they could see what they want the page to look like and they work towards that. I can’t do that most of the time; I have no idea what I’m doing with a page until I’m halfway through. This may just be evidence of a lack of practice. But sometimes, sometimes I see images or colours in my mind’s eye and I know it supposed to go on the page.

The tree in the corner of the page was drawn at one such time.


I have trouble drawing realistic looking trees, I make branches too uniformly wide and straight; a real tree is more twisty and bendy.

I’ve taken quite a number of photos from my trip to Ocean Grove over the Easter break last week, quite a number of them have trees that has a lot of character. I plan to go through them and do some in depth study of tree anatomy.


  1. Love your desk - it is full!! and your journalling looks fab.

  2. Busy creative desk this week.Good luck with the trees!Happy Creative Woyww 100
    hugs judex 28

  3. I don't know, I really like the look of the tree, even if it's too straight and uniform to be "real".

  4. I love that tree, it's an artistic representation of a tree not the real thing so just go with what you can do! I can't draw at all so it looks amazing to me. That audio book sound good, I love James Marsters too

  5. Love the look of your desk and all the goodies. Great colours today...I have thought about audio books but I might just sit there and get lost in my mind and forget to create!!!

    Thanks for sharing your space,

    Sarah at 4

  6. Looks like lots of creativity happens at your workdesk :) Thanks for the snoop :)

  7. Great journal page, nothing wrong with the tree it's art your artistic licence. I love painting and drawing and the only helpful tip I have is to draw what you see and not what you know to be there. Hope you show the finished page :-)
    Kathleen x

  8. great painting, lots of lovely goodies, Beautiful workspace, Thank you for sharing your workspace, Happy WOYWW! Crikey has it really been 100 weeks!! #3

  9. Elaine Harding5 May 2011 at 00:06

    Those paints look awesome - like your project! TFS Elaine#19

  10. Welcome to WOYWW! A photo of your whole desk is perfect. And it looks perfect too..I wonder what page the doily will be on! Like you, I have no idea where things are heading until they're nearly there..this for me is not an artistic soul, it's cluelessness. Be assured that WOYWW will not horrify you into being more prolific. I had that plan too, and it's still a plan!

  11. Sunshine Girl5 May 2011 at 02:42

    Lovely busy desk there and I think that tree looks great. Sunshine Girl No. 32

  12. I like your tree! Your journal page (the background of the tree) looks great, as does your workspace...lots of fun stuff there! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Welcome to the addiction that is WOYWW. Lfe will never be the same again! Your desk looks great, love the journals too. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Interesting journal pages. I had a look at your zentangles and mandala post and they look great. Also liked your drawing on flickr of the ferry across the Heads. See you some more.
    Ros. (60)

  15. nice to have you join in. Love the journal idea. Nothing wrong with this tree!

  16. Looking very busy there !!

  17. Your desk looks like the perfect creative workspace. And - I love your journalling. Terrific!

  18. Sparkly Engineer6 May 2011 at 08:36

    Your journal looks quite interesting and I like your tree and the colors too.

  19. Nice busy desk. Your journal is very colorful and looks like it is a lot of fun in the making. Is that a white tissue dispenser I see there? How do you keep it so neat? Welcome to WOYWW! Sorry I am late getting around this week but I haven't felt well! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #36

  20. I thought that was the way to do it.... build things up in layers and wait and see what it turns out like... or is that just me? LOL Your desk looks very creative and the art journal is looking very pretty! Sorry I am so late this week, Annette #25


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