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I've been so entranced by the iPad, I haven't created anything to post about!
Well that's not true, I've been writing again.
I've been writing, I think, since I was 14. At that time, my aspirations was to be the next 16-year old author (I think I misread somewhere that Christopher Pike - my idol at that time - was first published at age 16).
My first manuscript took a little over a year to finish; I was banging away on the only computer in the house 24/7 (I don't remember the model, but I think it was running Windows 3.1).
I submitted the manuscript when I was 17 I think, although I must admit I did a slipshod of it. Not surprisingly, I recieved a rejection letter - it took them 2 years to get back to me; I suspect that my manuscript got chucked in a corner for a while, but I'm grateful that they took the time to get back to me (and even sent my manuscript back - as opposed to just chucking it out).
Yes, I don't use conventional pen and paper to write.
The app I'm using is called Notes Plus - I'll talk about it some other time, but it rocks!
Writing fiction, I find, is not something that could be shared easily in a blog format. I can tell you I'm in the planning stage, but it doesn't make for very interesting blog entries.
So I do apologise for the lack of posts recently, I'll try to fit some sketching or zentangling in and posts regularly again.


  1. It always amazes me how 'creativity' creeps into every possibility. Now - with an ipad - you're writing again. How exciting!!!

  2. Congratulations on getting back to your writing. I think it's pretty impressive that you had the courage to create and submit something at such a young age (and wait two years to hear a response).


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