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SupaNova 2011 - Perth

Talk about last minute plans.

Last night I find out that James Marsters would be appearing at the 2011 SupaNova (Australia's Pop Culture Expo). Unfortunately I've already missed the Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney sessions and there's only the one weekend left, in Perth. This weekend.

Next thing you know, I've bought tickets, airfare, accomodation and car hire for a weekend of Sci Fi, Anime and Comics. In Perth.

Okay, before you think that I'm doing this purely because of James Marsters (he has a concert on Saturday night and will be attending the Post-Nova party, squee!), I'm also an anime and sci-fi fan, so it's not just him.

There will also be the SupaNova Master Class Series for Writers which I've signed up for - so no sleeping in for me (both sessions starts at 8am on Sat and Sun D=).

I'll be toting my cameras (Canon S90 and Canon 450D), so hopefully I'll be able to snap some pics to share later. I'll also be wearing my Goth Loli get up (probably not whilst getting a photo with James Marsters), so if there's any Aussie Goth Lolis reading this and will be attending SupaNova this weekend, let me know so we can meet up for a chat.

Oh, and just to make sure I don't have *any* free time, I've also bought tickets to see Wicked: The Broadway Musical on Friday night.

This expo will most likely be leaving me drained; I'll be flying out on Friday afternoon and I won't be back until Monday morning (5:55am, *gasp*), after which I'd probably have enough time to drive home to have a shower and then get back to work... wish me luck!


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