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in search of the perfect diary insert - outlook printed diary inserts

So, outlook printed diary inserts...

I was having issues with my vertical W2P and decided to try having Outlook print out my diary inserts for me.

Not liking how the appointment layout results in many empty gaps and lack of non-working hour space, I choose the "Weekly Agenda Style" in Outlook 2010.

I used them in conjunction with my vertical W2P just to see how they compared side by side.

Good points
  1. There's no "empty gap" issue that you get with appointment based layout
  2. Since I'm printing directly from my work outlook account, I don't need to copy my work appointments again
  3. Outlook would organise and list the appointment by time for me.
I didn't like them.

I don't know why, it could be because I got used to the appointment-based layout. With the outlook pages I can't see, visually, the length of meetings I need to attend or the amount of time I have in between meetings.

Also I don't like how lifeless the page looks; there's no emphasis placed on particular appointments by a slightly larger font or the last minute meeting denoted by cramped handwriting fitting in an appointment between two existing ones. It's so sterile.

So back to the drawing board it is...

(Next entry will be on one of the free diary insert templates available from Philofaxy)


  1. Try one of ours... let us know what you like or more specifically what you don't like and we will try and adapt it to your likes..


    1. Yep, my next entry will be about your week per view TM diary inserts!


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