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story of the lost moleskine/ random act of kindness

I have been writing a lot about my Filofax obsession as of late, so I had a look through my pre-Filo notes to see what I've been neglecting.

I've had this story saved in my "to write about" folder for a very long time know. Ten months if you look at the time stamp of the article in question.

At the time I was really moved by how a stranger went to all this effort to return a moleskine they found on the side of the road; I don't think many people realise just how important a journal or even a notebook is to its owner.

And then today when leaving the office for lunch, I realised that at some point during the day, the Uni Style-Fit multi-pen had fallen out of it's holder in my Filofax. I had gotten really attached to the pen and I could only hope that I had dropped the pen while I was in the office, and not out in the street. It was raining drop bears today and I didn't look forward to swimming through the streets looking for my pen.

However when I got back to my desk after lunch, I found that someone had nicely picked up my pen and have left it back on my desk. There wasn't even a note to say who left it.
Although losing a pen in the office is different from losing a moleskine on the side of the road, what I felt was nice was that someone actually recognise the pen as being mine and returned it to me.

When was the last time that you have received a Random Act of Kindness?


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