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my mini-skeins parcel has arrived!

Recently I started knitting the beeskeeper's quilt for a friend's 30th birthday - yes, that's supposed to be my explanation for my long absence (it has absolutely nothing to do with catching up with 4 seasons of Tudor and Torchwood ^_^).
Originally I was going to spin my own yarn and then knit the quilt from that. But looking at my lumpy yarn, and the speed at which I was spinning, I realised that my friend would be 40 before I manage to finish it.
So I started looking for alternatives... and found the SpaceCadet's Mini-Skein Club. Hand-dyed mini-skeins of yarn, perfectly sized for knitting 5-6 hexipuffs or any other mini mania projects (look at this scarf!).
There are two level of subscription, either the single (where you get five 20g skeins) or double (ten 20g skeins) with a choice of colourways, gentle or wild mix. I joined the single subscription, with a gentle mix colourway.
The colours that I got this month is so yummy! The photos (most of them taken in the car, the first one taken in my room) don't really do them justice, but I wanted you to see the colours in natural light (as much as we get in Melbourne winter) as well as indoor lighting.
Just for something different, I'll be changing my subscription to wild mix next month, just to see what kind of contrasting colours I'll get.
So now I'll have to knit quickly (and constantly) to make sure I use up my skeins before the next batch arrives!


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