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playing catch up

When I say catch up, I'm actually talking about catching up on my blog posts. I've had a very productive week and have completed a few Project Life spreads. So over the next week I will be posting quite frequently about the pages that I made.

Rather than trying to create weekly spreads in retrospect (and this is before I started taking notes for Project Life), I made month-in-review spreads instead. I'd already decided that I'm not going to worry too much about keeping things "one week per two-page spread". Although it would be the general format I'd follow (if only to making page planning easier), if things goes over or under, I won't be too fussed.

January is the perfect example. I couldn't actually remember what else I've done during that month (and I didn't seem to have taken many photos), so the one-page spread is mainly about my trip to the Aquarium. As I said, not too fussed.

I know the photos are less than stellar. We were at Aquarium After Dark, an after hours event staged at the Melbourne Aquarium. Since it was a night time event, all the lights had been dimmed to accommodate the aquatic animals. This made for quite dismal shots, but the event was interesting enough that I didn't want to miss out on recording it.

I just love how well the papers from Today's Story worked with all the blues in the photos. I didn't think I should add any more colour to the spread, so I used Crate Paper's Newsprint Sleigh Ride Thickers for the year. The month was then created from the alphas on "Photo Freedom: Volume 1" sticker sheet.


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