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Shimelle Laine is re-running the scrapbook remix class!

Yes, two blog posts in one day, I'm that excited about this!

I was listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable this morning (which, by the way, I love - I'm working through from episode 1, though every now and then skipping up to the latest episode when it's out) and I heard that Shimelle Laine would be restarting her Scrapbook remix class.

For those of you who don't know, Shimelle Laine is one of Two Pea's Garden Girls, and does weekly videos as Glitter Girl.

Here's the class description:

Scrapbook Remix is an online scrapbooking class that shares the secrets to mixing patterned papers of all kinds and then creating a range of pages with this combinations. 

We’ll talk colour, pattern, scale, size, technique and more. The class includes both PDF and video prompts: a total of twenty full-colour PDFs and eight videos over four weeks. 

In each PDF prompt, we start with a different paper collection, then analyse it and remix it with other papers and embellishments to create four or more different looks. 

The video prompts include a mix theory discussion (showing exactly why some patterns do and do not work well together) and the step-by-step process for creating specific scrapbook pages. 

All the featured layouts are brand new (I do show a few existing layouts as examples in the theory discussion, but just to illustrate a point here and there). So if you did the numbers just then, that’s more than eighty never-before-seen scrapbook pages! You’ll see plenty of my work but also that of some of my favourite scrappers who have joined me as Remix Guest Artists. That way you’ll be sure to see a variety of styles, including single pages and double, single photos up to many, small photos up to enlargements and all sorts of embellishment.

Scrapbook Remix includes 

  • Twenty full colour PDF prompts emailed straight to your inbox 
  • Eight corresponding videos you can watch online 
  • Private class forum for all participants to chat and share their work 
  • Permanent access to all class materials
  • A few other surprises along the way 

Just a note: this class is normally available as a self-paced class, but for this one time Shimelle is rerunning the class.
What meant when a class is "rerun" is that the email prompts+PDFs (which had been disabled but available as an archive in the self-pace class) are reactivated. It also means that the forums will experience a surge of activity again, as new people sign up and old students revisit the page.

I'm going to sign up for the class, would you like to join me?

The class restarts on Monday, so if you're interested in the class, go to Shimelle's blog to find out more.


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