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project life: week 15

Wow, week 15.

I went to two different gigs this week so half the spread is totally about that.

Again I used Citrus Twist's March Project Life Kits for this layout, and again I've used the red and purples in the paper pad for the journaling cards. However the patterns were too bold to write over, so I typed out my journaling on normal white cardstock and stuck it over the top of the pattern paper.

My SO and I were out shopping at Coles late one night - we love midnight grocery runs, don't ask me why - and as we walked by the magazine section he picked up a scrapbooking magazine he's seen me purchase before. He waves it in front of me, "Isn't this the one you got the other day?"
I love that he remembers little things like that.
I got him to pose with the magazine so I could take a photo.

I've recently been reading Crossed by Allie Condie. In the book, Ky's mother paints with water as she didn't have access to paints. Then the other night I see these street artists creating this painting with water on the sidewalk. Isn't it impressive?

I finally took the leap and wrote on my photos. As you can see from the pic above, I was still getting used to the flow of the white pen on the glossy photo paper.

I think I can grow to love it.

The top two photos plus the two food photos from the LHS were from the same night when friends and I went to Lee Hom's concert here in Melbourne. Lee Hom is a Taiwanese singer that we were all into (back in Uni). Upon hearing (last year) that he was coming to the Down Under for the first time, we all grabbed tickets.

Of course we weren't those hardcore fans that paid heaps of money to sit up the front. You can see from the top right photo how far from the stage we were.

The photo of us were heavily edited by my friend, Y, on her phone. The concert was on a week night and we were all so tired after work, we all had bags under our eyes. Only after some heavy iPhoneography magic were our photo Facebook-able, lol.

On Saturday, a friend's band was playing the "finals" at the Epsy Artist Showdown in St Kilda. In case it wasn't obvious, the band's name is Hushfire. ;P
My friend's actually the drummer, but I don't know if you've ever tried to take photos at a gig, but the drummer is never well lit. This was the best I could do with my iPhone.


  1. love how you used the 6x6 papers to frame your journalling. Thanks for sharing how you played with the CT kit

    1. Thanks for that. I've actually thought of another way of using the patterned paper for journaling, but that would be in the week 16 spread, which I should be blogging about soon.


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