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project life: week 16 - way to use up scraps

I apologise in advanced for the lack of photos in this post. With the hours I keep, I'm finding it harder and harder to get nice natural lighting to take layout photos. I really must look into alternatives...


This week I finally remembered to try overlaying some digital text and banners on the photos before printing them out.

I drew a banner in Photoshop and created my first brush file, which wasn't as hard as I thought.

"Stamping" the brush file on a separate layer to the image allowed me to move the banner around until I got it positioned just where I wanted it. Then I just typed my text inside the banner. Easy.
To be honest, finding an appropriate font was the hardest part in the whole process!

I also tried something a little different this week.

Last week I adhered journaling blocks over my patterened paper to create my 3x4 cards. This week I did the opposite and cut up my patterned paper to create borders for my journaling cards.

I downloaded and printed out Becky Higgin's free grid journaling cards. Then I just cut strips of patterned paper (around 1cm/.5inch) to adhere to the top and bottom (or sides) of the card. Corner punch the card and voila, you're done.

I'm surprised at how much more I prefer this over last week's method. It just looks neater somehow. And without thinking about it, I had found a way to use up my scraps!

Although I am no where near using up my March CT PL Kit (I can't believe how much product I still have), my April kit has arrived and I'm looking forward to playing with those.

This week, I'm again joining in with the Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday (although it's Wednesday for me), please visit her blog for other PL inspirations!

PS: I just realised I didn't mention a single event from this week's layout! I'll probably write some follow up blog posts - hopefully with more close ups and better lighting!


  1. So cool how you made your own brush file! For a handwritten look I like the fonts Savu and Autumn.
    So good to use up scraps too.


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