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project life: week 18 - revisiting NSD

Week 18 is the week of the National Scrapbooking Day, a day in which I actually talked about in length here. So please bear with me for the repeated photos.

My left hand page is mainly talking about NSD and scrapbooking related news...

Like how my April Project Life kit from Citrus Twist has arrived. I just love the colours in this month's kit - and I've been wanting to get my hands on the Maggie Holmes paper for sooo long!

And my haul from the Better Homes and Garden expo. All that American Crafts paper... I've been wanting them for longer than I wanted the Maggie Homes collection. The paper trimmer is new too, I'm really loving that wire cutting guide!

In the corner of that photo you can see a snippet of the layout I talked about here.

Then there were the photos from the expo itself.

I also immediately used Amy Tangerine's embroidery stencil kit for the week's title card. It was quite a lot of fun to use.
I didn't buy the stencil kit with the letters though, so I had to just puncture my own holes for the words "WK 18".

One problem with joining kit clubs from America is that by the time the kit arrives, some of the products aren't relevant anymore (I'm not even mentioning the whole Spring/Autumn differences here). 

Take the card above for instance. By the time the April kit arrived, May has officially started. Unless I was woefully behind in my Project Life, the card was pretty much useless.

The same thing happened with my March kit, and that March card is still sitting in the box wondering what it's fate would be. 
For April I decided to get a little creative, and just changed the message on the card a little instead of throwing it out.

Perhaps kit clubs could consider sending products with next month's date on them instead?

The right hand page is a completely different colour scheme. I realised that all my photos were so dark that all the bright pinks and yellows from the left hand page didn't really match. So apart from a little bit of embellishment from the Amy Tangerine stash I purchased, I had turned back to the March Project Life Kit from Citrus Twist.

I guess at this point I really should explain that picture with the half naked man in the top left pocket. The whole right hand page is actually all photos revolving around my best friend's birthday. However she had two parties, one was a general one (where most of the photos came from) and one was a girl's only night - where the naked man came in.
Her explanation was that she was going to a maid of honor later this year and she was using her birthday as an excuse to check out a possible hens night venue. Hahaha, regardless, it was an entertaining night overall.

This was on the card talking about the girl's only party - I thought it was appropriate ;P

As per usual, I'll be linking to The Mom Creative's Project Life Tuesday (yes, I know, I'm really late).


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