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layout: Hello Sunshine

I admit that I've fallen behind with my blogging, again. I can't help it. I have heaps of fun creating the layouts, but I'm finding it very hard to snag any daylight time to get around photographing the page. 

To put things into perspective, I slept till 5pm on Saturday, after a very very late Friday night/early Saturday morning.
I'm definitely not a morning person, and my yearly quota of Vitamin D/sunlight is usually reaped during Summer when the sun doesn't set till 9pm.

Anyway, I finally managed to drag myself out of bed on Sunday to quickly snap a couple of shots of my first ever 2-page spread. Yes, I know, it still took me four days to get something written... 

Putting it together

Since this is my first attempt at a 2-page spread, I scraplifted from Lisa-Jane Johnson's layout here.

Lisa's repeated use of 6x6 patterned paper allowed for coordinated pages to be quickly assembled. And by swapping the order the 6x6 pp were laid out, the two pages manage to coordinate without looking cloned.

I find that I really love the traditional photo stitching effect on a scrapbooking layout, but it proved hard to balance across the page. In an attempt to emphasize the diagonal line, I tried putting more embellishments on the bottom left and top right of the page. Now that I look at the layout in the picture (and not in real life), I find that I may need to go back and some non-paper embellishments. Perhaps some washi and wood veneer.

The Journaling

This is another layout about last year's Europe trip. 

We had just finished our tour of the Vatican and had made our way to the Colosseum. But the moment we stepped off the tour bus, dark clouds amassed above our heads, wind start picking up, and big fat drops of rain fell from the sky.
It was hardly a down pour by any standards, but umbrellas were quickly opened.
Our tour guided assured us that "it's just passing rain", but we were skeptical as rain only fell harder.
Ten minutes in however, the clouds moved on, the sun came out and we got beautiful shots of the Colosseum.

Supplies used

Except for the thickers, I think I used Amy Tangerine's Yes, Please collection exclusively. I forgot to write down the supplies list, but someone correct me if I'm wrong.


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