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layout: Party Costume Dilemma

This is actually a layout I finished a few weeks back, but I completely forgot to blog about it. I was looking through my album the other day when I stumbled on the layout.

This will teach me to leave my layouts out of the albums until I have finished photographing (and perhaps even blogging about) it.
I might end up with a lot of loose layouts floating around my room, but that might give me more incentive to photograph them more quickly.

One can hope. 

The Story

This photo was taken at one of the many costume parties that friends of ours host at the Ondergrond, a supposedly Amsterdam-themed lounge and bar situated in the middle of the CBD.

The Boy had ordered his costume tailor-made from a website called FanPlusFriend, it matched with one of my Lolita dresses (Lolita, in this context, is referring to a type of Japanese fashion, and not the novel).

When his costume arrived, we found that the pants were too big. The only way he could keep the pants on was if he wore another pair of pants underneath. So that's what he did


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