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layout: The Wandering Bear

This is the first layout I've created for an object: a bear shaped umbrella case.

Don't be fooled by its innocent looks, it is notorious for photobombing. It's not too obvious from the selection of photos on this layout, but there were more than a few photos where the pink bear popped up. But this layout isn't about that.

Our tour guide was small, tiny even by Asian standards, so the only way to see her above the crowds at, say, the Trevi Fountain or at the Venetian Square is by keeping an eye on the obtrusive pink bear on a stick. Where other tour guides might wave a stick with streamers or wave a tattered looking flag, our tour guide wave a skewered plushie.

Upon closer inspection however, you'll discover that the "plushie" is actually a very cute umbrella case. So cute in fact, that I wanted to buy one too. Unfortunately since it was a gift, our tour guide wasn't able to tell me more about where I could buy one expect that it was from Japan.

Of course then there's Google.

But the only ones I've found were rabbit-shaped rip off's made in China. Oh well, if I finally make a decision between a (potentially) heavy UV umbrella or a stifling hat for the Egypt trip this October, I might get the bear. Or perhaps a Senz (if they ever produce a UV one).


  1. I really like your LOI! so original to scrap an object! the bear is really cute and your LO too!


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