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layout: sea angels

It's been a while since I've posted a scrapbook layout. To be honest I haven't been scrapbooking for the past few months. Life has been crazy and my Citrus Twist kits have been stacking up, unused.

So with January well and truly behind me, I decided to roll up my sleeves and actually get some layouts done.

To help me get started, I thought I would use one of the sketches on

The pictures in this layout are actually from my 2012 trip to Hokkaido. (I only realise now that I wrote the wrong date at the end of my journaling - I will need to go back and fix that.)


Hokkaido's Shiroi Koibito factory is where I first saw these enchanting creatures. Their translucent bodies and flapping swimming motions certainly earned them the name "Sea Angel". I found them endearing pretty much immediately.

They require quite cold environments to survive and I have not found many aquariums to hold them.

So this time while I was back at Shiroi Koibito factory, I took the chance to take a snap of them.

Even though I have since discovered that they are actually a type of sea slug, it doesn't stop me from thinking they are incredibly cute. - 22nd October 2012

The hardest part of this layout I think, would be the stamping on the right side of the layout. Stamping directly on the background paper, and in such a prominent position really freaked me out; there were so many ways that this could go wrong!

I think one of the things to keep in mind is to stamp on scrap paper first to see how the colour/impression comes out, and then to persevere. With multiple impressions like the one on this layout, you have to just trust that the first couple of images would look strange and to keep going.
I tried to keep the positioning a bit varied and stopped before it got too crowded. Overall I'm quite happy with my first foray into background stamping.


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