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layout: shiroi koibito / camera + travelling tip

I'm so slow at getting these articles published. I actually have a few layouts all photographed and uploaded to Squarespace, but I just haven't gotten around to writing a blog post about them.

This layout is very similar to this one I did. I am not adverse to using the same layout designs; the colouring and the photos are different enough that I could have these in the same album without alarm bells ringing in my head.

You couldn't see from the picture of the full layout, but there's actually journaling along the right vertical panel of the layout. Because it was written in silver pen (recently purchased at Typo) it doesn't show up very well in camera.


Shiroi Koibito Park, Sapporo, Hokkaido.

This is not the first time I was charmed by its seemingly random collection of antique china cups, retro toys from the 70's and amazing collection of working gramophones.

But as I was not on a tour this time around I actually had time to visit the garden and see their hourly "show".

The mechanical puppets, the whimsical decorations and the bubbles floating through the air were all just too enchanting not to love.

Two out of the three photos on this layout was actually taken by my friends - they took their DSLRs whilst I opted to snap away with my iPhone.

Tip: Camera Choice + Travelling

If there's one tip I would give about photography and travel, it's that if you're travelling in a group, there's sometimes no need for everyone to lug around their DSLR+lens+tripod.

Sometimes, it's better to have a variety of cameras on the trip (DSLR, mirrorless, point and shoot, and even film/instant). When you're in a very small and confined space (think cramped wet/spice markets in Asian countries), a point and shoot is a better choice than a DSLR.

With different people in your group carrying different cameras, you'll get a lot of variety in the types of photos taken. When the time comes to share photos of the trip, you're less likely to have 60 similar shots of the Eiffel Tower when one person is shooting raw on a DSLR and another is using Hipstamatic on their iPhone.


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